"We're on a Venture!" -Ace

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey friends! So we made the long journey- from Houston, to Newark, to Munich, to Sofia, and now we are in the city where the orphanage is. Everything has been great, and Ace has been amazing! We are doing our best to adjust to the jet lag. Last night we went to sleep at 8 and Ace woke up at 2 AM ready to party! I am pretty much a zombie at this point so I am not going to say too much...but I will leave you with pictures!

At the airport in Houston...Ace is obessed with the moving conveyer deals

Finally on the plane. Ace was so anxious to get on. Here she is in her new headphones, ready to go!

Happy Girl!

During take-off. She LOVED this part. Once we were up in the air she was upset because she didn't think we were going fast enough.

Just a few minutes later....

Hanging out at the airport in Newark.

Made it to Munich!

Not too sure about this German juice drink...

Adamant NOT to let Daddy rest. We had an almost six hour layover in Munich and were EXHAUSTED!

Ace got a window seat on the flight to Bulgaria. SO HAPPY about that!

View from her window on our way in to Sofia

By the time we were landing...she stayed asleep through it!

We're here!

In our hotel room, with the most enormous pizza EVER.

"Whoa, I never seen a pizza this big" -Ace

Crazy huge. The pizza is not closer up to the camera than Ace. This is the actual size of a slice.

She ate a whole piece!

With our new friend Villie.

Finally at the hotel where we will stay for the rest of the trip. So happy to be here!

Our room is amazing. Plenty of space for Ace to run around.

Checking out the view..

And of course jumping on the bed.

Ace has been wearing the same gray shirt and pink pants since we left Houston. In fact she has been in that shirt for probably five days now. She has bathed and then put it back on. She has a "bobo" on her arm, that she does not want to be exposed and does not want anyone to see. She throws a fit if I try to get her to wear a different shirt, and that is a battle I am not going to fight. So if you happen to see her in that same shirt in every picture. That's the reason. But I am really hoping to coerce her into a new outfit before bed tonight. We will see...

Tomorrow morning we head to the orphanage for our first visit with Archie. We are so excited and cannot wait to get there.

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Will be back tomorrow with updates and of course more pictures!

Lots of Love!



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that is a big pizza!

Lauren Wolf said...

That pizza is HUGE!

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