Day Three With Archie!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today was AWESOME. I went by myself a little earlier this morning to the orphanage so that I could watch their morning school hour. It was so great to see. The teacher works the kids very hard and they really pay attention.

After that I just spent the morning playing with him. I got to stay and watch him eat lunch. He is a GOOD eater. He chowed down and was very tidy too! I was SO mad that my camera died before lunch. I cannot believe I forgot to charge it last night. I also got to take him into his bed for nap time. He undressed himself, put his socks in his shoes and set them by his bed, folded his sweatshirt and pants and put them in a stack by his bed, then put on his sleep pants and shirt. I buttoned his shirt and tucked him in.

I then headed back to the hotel to hang out with Joey and Ace. We played and played until it was time to head back for our afternoon visit. All three of us went. Ace and Archie continued to play well together. They crack each other up. We cannot believe how fast time is flying by. Tomorrow is our last day of full visits. On Friday, we just go in the morning, then head back to Sofia for the night because our flight is at 7 AM on Saturday.

Now for the good stuff...

During class time. He was called up to answer some questions.

Afternoon visit....Ace and Archie looking through the photo album. Ace was explaining the pictures to him and Archie really listened to her.

Two happy kids.

Off to bed!

Lots of Love,



Faith said...

Thanks for sharing all if this! Love, love, love! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE FUNNY FACE PICTURES WITH DAD!! TOO CUTE!!! your family is beautiful congratulations!

aLove said...

the pictures of Joey and Archie scratching their chins is priceless!!! love y'all!!


Tamara's Mommy said...

Wow.. WONDERFUL !!! Your family reminds me of mine when we met our daughter. Sometimes you just know it's right. Sometimes everything just clicks. Congratulations! Your children are both adorable.. actually your entire family is adorable!!! LOL

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