We Met Archie!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What a morning! We rolled out of bed at 9 this morning, grabbed breakfast, and headed to the orphange. When we got there we were taken in to meet with the orphanage doctor. She went over some things with us about Archie. She explained that he is very healthy, and rarely gets sick. We got to see his file which included baby pictures, which was so awesome to get to see. She also let us know that Archie actually has Mosaic Down Syndrome. (Just to be clear--we knew that he had Down Syndrome, just didn't know that it was Mosaic). In a nutshell that means he is very high functioning. Mosaicism only accounts for 2-4% of all cases of Down Syndrome. It has to do with the cells and when the misdivision of chromosomes occured. I am still doing my research!

We were then told to wait right there and that they would go get him and bring him to us. What a long couple of minutes that was. We could hear him coming...he turned the corner and saw us and came running. He had a heart that he had painted for us on Valentines Day and had been saving to give to us. He was very excited to show it to us and tell us all about it. He gave us big hugs, including Ace. Truly an indescribable moment.

We went on into his daycare center to play. He showed us around and talked non-stop. He is quite the chatterbox! He and Ace played very well together. He is very sweet and gentle. They are very close to the same size. We brought him some new shoes which he was very excited about. He went around and showed them off to all the other kids and the staff. We just hung out and played with him for a couple of hours before it was time to go. We get to go back this afternoon for another hour or so. Off to rest!

Ace and I outside the orphanage....about to head in!

And we meet! Ace and Archie talking
Ace with the heart Archie made for us

Sweet boy!

Cracking each other up

They were up this wall together within a minute of entering the room

Putting on his new shoes

SO happy about these shoes!

Happy boy! Talking on the phone we brought him. He was having some serious and dramatic coversations.

Helping his friend talk on the phone. Such a sweetheart!

Looking at the talking photo album we brought him

What an amazing kid. So smart, absolutely hysterical, and such a cuddle bug. He is very well behaved too!

I wish I could upload the video from when we first met him, but it's not working!

More in just a little bit!

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oh my gosh! he is soooooo cute! can't wait to meet him :)

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