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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today marks one month from the day that we stepped onto a plane and headed across the world to meet our boy. Since we returned, I have been on a crazy "paper chase", trying to get all of our paperwork finished up and sent in, and praying that this part of the process will go smoothly and quickly. So far so good. We got our I-800 (important document that basically grants us permission to adopt Archie) in the mail the Monday we got back, and we received the approval last week! That was really the most important step, and the approval honestly came more quickly than we had anticipated, so we were THRILLED about that.

We also had to get some other paperwork redone, which included a trip downtown for police clearances, and a trip to the doctor for updated physical exams. After all paperwork was in hand, the next step is to have it notarized, and then finally apostilled-- Basically sent to the be authenticated at the state level...pretty much a higher up notary. Once we had everything notarized, I was going to send them off to Austin to be apostilled, but because it can take up to two weeks to get your papers back from Austin, Ace and I decided last Friday after her soccer practice, that we would take a little road trip! We left Houston at 1:30 and walked into the Secretary of State office building at 4:24....well actually we were sprinting in....okay I was sprinting with Ace flying around on my hip and she was cracking up- because they closed at 4:30. We made it in time, and were back in the car at 4:32 with apostilled papers in hand, heading back home. And that was the LAST OF THE PAPERWORK!! What a ridiculously good feeling.

So now we all we can do is wait.....which is so, so hard.

The next big step is to get our court date. Court will occur in Bulgaria, but we do not have to be there for it. Our wonderful and amazing coordinator/lawyer/translator/FRIEND will appear on our behalf. June is looking like a good possibility for court, but there are so many factors and unknowns, and we just can't be sure. After court is passed, we will receive a travel date to go back and pick him up to bring him HOME! It is our hope that he is home with us in August.

Oh man, how we miss him.

Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of love and support and words of encouragement! It truly means the world to us.
We are crazy blessed.

Lots of Love!


Anonymous said...

We are praying that everything will be expedited and you can bring Archie home ASAP! What a precious child for a precious loving family!! Love, Nancy and Jim W.

Anonymous said...

wow...what a process!
looking forward to seeing you guys with your sweet new addition to your precious family in the neighborhood.
Angela, Linn and Callie Prade

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

CANNOT wait for him to COME HOME! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Archie to get here and be a part of our family!
Love, Mimi

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