Monday, June 27, 2011

Georgie Archibald Eicher

Today in a court room over 6,000 miles away, a judge declared the most precious, perfect little seven year old boy our son. We are blessed so far beyond measure.

Next week, we will know exactly when we get to go pick him up and bring him home! We know it will be in August....praying for early August.

Ace just cannot wait to get her brother home!

Yes you are, Little Monster!

Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers and support! Praising God!

Lots of Love!

It's a Date!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For about a month now, I have had so much fear regarding one specific part of our adoption- whether or not we would be able to have court before they closed for their "summer break". Our facilitator, Toni, let us know several weeks ago that there seemed to be a backlog for getting a signature from the Minister of Justice. (You have to have the MOJ sign off on your dossier before it is allowed to be sent to the courts). We knew that our dossier was sitting on his desk. But we had to wait, and wait, and wait for him to sign.

Toni was trying to prepare us for the worst. She let us know that it was really going to take a miracle to have court before they closed in July. It was the not knowing that was really killing me. I started to convince myself that we were not having court before they closed, and that Archie would not be home until a few months later than we had planned. That was painful. But I was trying to protect myself from a huge disappointment. (Although deep down in my heart I did not believe that, I thought we would get our miracle).

I had been checking my email as often as I possibly could. I often found myself just staring at the mail icon on my ipad waiting for that red circle to pop up. And I was furious each time it did, and I saw something from LeapFrog or Williams-Sonoma (how the hell did I even get on their mailing list??) Most mornings I woke up at 4 AM to head to the den and see if anything had come. Bulgaria is 8 hours ahead, so that would mean it was noon there, and usually if anything was coming that day, it would come by noon. Day after day- nothing.

Last night I fell asleep with Ace in her bed. Once I am asleep, I do not like to move. So I stayed in their with her. Plus, she was being supper cuddly and hugging my neck when she fell asleep. So I couldn't stand sneaking out. I often stay in really uncomfortable positions for long periods of time just to accommodate her comfort and cuteness. I happen to know that the reason she wraps her arms tightly around me when I lay in bed with her is not so much to be cuddly and lovie, but more so to keep me in there. Sometimes I try to pry her little arm off my neck when I know she's good and asleep, but she quickly clamps back down and pins me in. Clearly her plan works. Smart kid.

We both slept really well and I did not wake up at 4. Instead I woke up at 6, when Joey came in with the most ridiculous smile on his face for that hour. I mean he's a morning person, but a guy can get punched in the mouth for a grin that big that early in the morning. But I just smiled back at him. I knew it. We got our miracle! We had an email from Toni. Subject: "Court date". First line: "Can I hear a shout?!" (haha love her). The relief that I felt in that moment was so incredible. I could finally take a deep breath.

So our hearing is taking place on Monday, June 27th. Twelve more days. After court, we wait 8 days for Toni to have the actual court decree in hand, and then we get our travel dates! There are other things that have to happen between court and the second trip, so it is usually around 4-6 weeks later that you get to travel. We can't wait to see this smile again.....

Lots of Love!