Beach Day

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first thing that Archie said when he saw the ocean was "pool!!!" Yes, buddy, the biggest pool in the world. Here he is showing me how he is going to swim.

Patiently waiting for Daddy to get the boat ready

Finally on the water-- going fishing!

Driving way out into the ocean

Made it to our fishing spot!

Both kids were over fishing pretty quickly. Joey did catch a couple fish, but there was so much commotion when it happened that I failed to get a picture. It was quite exciting though!

Playing a really fun belly bumping game while waiting to head to the beach

And finally. Archie gets to experience the beach, and touch the ocean for the first time in his life. What a moment!

Pure joy.

They had the absolute greatest time.

And it was a great day for really cute little butt cracks

All cleaned up and ready to head home! Archie has been learning the words "happy" and "sad". We talk about things that are happy (hugs, family, puppies) and things that are sad (pushing, hitting). Here they are being HAPPY.

And here they are being sad....

And again. Here is Archie being sad. Pretending to cry.....


And Ace hiding from her paparazzi mom

The kids are absolutely wiped out. And Joey and I are probably even more exhausted. Off to bed for all of us!

Lots of Love!

The Chase

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Archie is absolutely into everything. I cannot sit down for even one second. Ace is always right behind him either cracking up at his mischievous behavior, or scolding him- depending on her mood. Here is a snapshot into our morning.

He spends most of his time trying to get into the fridge. If he gets super quiet, I can be sure that is where he is. Here he is trying to get into the eggs....

Um, nice try, but I can see you, buddy....

The sink. Another favorite spot.

Every cabinet must be opened and rummaged through

Thank goodness we live in what my Dad calls a "gated community". No escaping to the baby pool for you, kiddo.

Someone left the bathroom door open. Goldfish and a balloon getting clean.

What the heck is this thing mom put on the doorknob?? I can't get in!

And the only way to get him to sit still for a few minutes. Food. A cup of goldfish usually buys me about 3-5 minutes.

And now I am anxiously awaiting a gourmet lunch....

NEVER a dull moment.
Lots of Love!

"Happy, Happy, Happy!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We have had a great weekend. Our first full weekend home as a family of four. I love having Joey around on the weekends, and the kids especially do. He likes to let me relax while he entertains the kids- not a bad deal! He has always liked to have "Daddy Time" with just Ace, but it is even more helpful to me now that our rambunctious little boy has been added to the mix.

This morning both kids were up at 7. Joey took Archie on a LONG bike ride while Ace and I watched some educational TV (Yes, Dora and Kai Lan are helping her to become multi-lingual, thank you very much). Archie absolutely loved the bike ride. Then he came home and took them both on a wagon walk. That's when I got in my power nap.

Yesterday was one week since Archie has been home. That really seems so strange to me. It feels like he has been here forever. He fits right into our family so perfectly and really just goes with the flow. It is so obvious that God created this child to be our son. I mean, we really knew next to nothing about him before committing to him. We knew some medical history, we knew his size, and we knew where he was and how long he had been there. But it isn't as if we knew his personality, or his behavior. We didn't know that he was the most hysterical little ball of sweet cuddles. He continues to amaze me daily.

Ace, although not thrilled at every second about him playing with her toys, or invading her space, could not be happier. She does not want to go anywhere without him. It is going to be hard when she starts school next week. She will go to Mother's Day Out three days a week, and Archie will be staying home with me. She is excited about her new school, but keeps politely reminding me that Archie is going with her. She will say things to me and Joey like, "and when I start my new school, I am going to have new teachers, and Archie's coming with me." At this point I have just sort of been smiling and nodding, but I know this week I am going to have to have the talk with her about it. I am hoping that maybe by that point some of the newness will have faded and she will be okay with being apart from him. I know she will LOVE school and I am planning to let her teachers know the situation so they might give her a little extra love and attention.

In other news- Ace actually is a bit bilingual at this point. She is starting to speak Bulgarian to Archie. She thinks she is such a little mom. Yesterday I heard her asking him, "Archie, do you want to watch a movie? Da? Da? (Yes? Yes?)" Archie of course responded "Da!" Even though he had no clue what she was talking about. She is also always telling him "Ne, Archie, Ne". Archie doesn't seem to mind her bossing him around a bit. And she thinks she is really helping, so at this point I am letting her do her thing. She also loves to try to teach him new words. As we were driving in the car earlier, she was telling him, "Archie, say Barbie. Bar-bie" And Archie very clearly repeated, "Bar-bie". Ace was so excited she said, "mom, I taught him something new!" Yes, sweetie, a very important word for him to know..

It is amazing how quickly he is picking things up. He is communicating so well with us and really has a great memory. Yesterday we were at Barnes and Nobles and I was looking through a little picture book with him. One of the pictures was of a towel. I only said the word to him a couple of times, and had him repeat it, but when we got out to the pool just a little bit later, he exclaimed, "towel!" as soon as we walked in and he saw a stack of them. He also understands "Happy", and even has made up a "Happy Song." It goes like this, "Happy, happy, happy!" Very creative. It is so cute when he sings it and puts his little fingers on his cheeks and smiles the biggest smile. I can't wait to sit down with him and really start working on his English. He is such a little sponge, I know he is going to be speaking in sentences before very long.

He is also very bonded to both me and Joey already. He will still pretty much say hi to or try and hug just about anyone, but he knows that Joey and I are his parents and protectors. He looks to us for help. When in unfamiliar places, or if he is scared, he really wants just one of us. He is so happy when Joey gets home from work each night, he runs as fast as he can screaming, "DADDDYY!!!" and jumps to give him a big hug. Of course Ace is right there with him and they usually end up in some form of a dog pile. Talk about love.

Joey and I are just so proud of both Ace and Archie. I am especially proud of them for both being asleep, right now as I type.
Here is what my house looks like right now.

Sweet baby girl. Has every stuffed animal and baby doll asleep with her. They are "at camp".

And the boys. Joey fell asleep while laying in Archie's room with him.

And now for some pictures from the weekend.....

First trip to the mall. Ace was so excited to finally be able to ride in a double car with Archie. We talked about this day for a very long time, every time we went to the mall. She would tell me, "when Archie comes home, we will get a car with two seats, and I'm gonna sit here and Archie's gonna sit here". And there they are.

I wasn't sure about going to the castle to play, but Ace really wanted to. I told her that I wasn't sure if Archie was ready for that but she assured me, "I will watch him, Mom". Archie loved it. He didn't really venture off too far from me or Joey. He really wanted to be sure at least one of us was in his line of vision. I am thankful that he does have some fears and will not just take off into an unknown place. He just enjoyed observing all of the other kids and giggled with excitement the entire time.

Ace liked to show off to Archie how well she knew her way around the castle.

Loving on her big brother

I found them like this in the rocking chair. They got up all by themselves and were rocking together and cracking up. They thought this was about the funniest thing in the world.

So happy I said he could brush his teeth! For the 24th time that morning. No kidding.

Doing what he loves most

Ace and Sir. Yes, my dad's Grandpa name is Sir. It started as a joke (well not to him) before Ace was born. He said that's what he wanted to be called. I said no way. But somehow, some way, that is exactly what Ace ended up calling him. He says that the only time he has ever been called "Sir" is when it was followed with "I am going to have to ask you to leave", so he really wanted this name. Now it doesn't even seem strange.

Playing catch with Sir

This morning's bike ride with Daddy

"Wrestle Time"

Pure Joy

And now, I am off to enjoy these last few moments of silence.

Lots of Love!

Water Babies

Friday, August 19, 2011

Archie is OBSESSED with swimming. Really he loves anything to do with water. When he wakes up in the morning, he immediately wants to brush his teeth, and this involves a lot of splashing around in the sink.

Then he asks to go swimming. He actually says "Mommy, swimming!" and then does the breast stroke, either in the air, or sometimes he goes all out and gets on the ground to show me. We have been swimming almost every day since he has been home. Today we went to our first play date at a friend's house. He was so mad when we pulled up and were not at a pool. Much to his surprise, there was an inflatable pool blown up in the backyard. He could not have been happier. Silly mom didn't think to bring a bathing suit or swimmy diaper, so I did my best to have him just splash in the water from the outside of the pool...that lasted about five seconds. He could not resist. I was able to borrow a swimmy diaper, and he spent the entire time in the pool. He did GREAT at the play date. It was nice to see him around other kids, to see how he would interact. He is really sweet with little ones.

Archie swimming with his buddies Jake and Sam

So much fun!

He also LOVES to take baths. He could stay in the bath all day if I would let him. Today he stayed in for over an hour, and was not happy when I finally pulled him out.

After the bath he and Ace "did the dishes". They splashed around in the sink for a while and pretty much had the greatest time ever. Archie of course tested me several times by pouring water all over the countertops or on the floor. He totally knows when he is not supposed to do something. He looks at me out of the corner of his eye, and then just goes for it. He then quickly smiles and either hugs or kisses me. Joey warned me while he was in Bulgaria that he was trying to use his cuteness against him-- and that is just what he does. He thinks he can get out of anything with a smile, hug and kiss. He makes it pretty tough to keep my stern face on.

I swear Ace was having fun....

Tonight we played in our blow up pool in our backyard. Ace and Archie had the best time. They were running and dumping water on each other's heads, cracking up, and then doing it all over again. This went on for quite some time. I am so glad that Archie loves the water as much as Ace. She is a little fish too.

How'd I get so lucky?

Lots of Love,