The Chase

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Archie is absolutely into everything. I cannot sit down for even one second. Ace is always right behind him either cracking up at his mischievous behavior, or scolding him- depending on her mood. Here is a snapshot into our morning.

He spends most of his time trying to get into the fridge. If he gets super quiet, I can be sure that is where he is. Here he is trying to get into the eggs....

Um, nice try, but I can see you, buddy....

The sink. Another favorite spot.

Every cabinet must be opened and rummaged through

Thank goodness we live in what my Dad calls a "gated community". No escaping to the baby pool for you, kiddo.

Someone left the bathroom door open. Goldfish and a balloon getting clean.

What the heck is this thing mom put on the doorknob?? I can't get in!

And the only way to get him to sit still for a few minutes. Food. A cup of goldfish usually buys me about 3-5 minutes.

And now I am anxiously awaiting a gourmet lunch....

NEVER a dull moment.
Lots of Love!


Christyn Soland said...

"a cup of gold fish usually buys me 3-5 minutes". Love it! i can't even imagine what your days are like!

Faith said...

Fab pictures! I just love reading your blog, and Briana's!

Ashleypmo said...

So Cute!! Sounds a lot like Mason-chasin' at my house! He's a beautiful boy, and seeing these pictures gives me the serious happies. :)

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