Early to Rise

Monday, August 15, 2011

To say that I am exhausted would be the understatement of the century. But it is worth every sore muscle in my body. This boy is on the go at ALL times. Which is why his nickname at the orphanage "Gogo" is totally appropriate. He is also a very early riser. Ace has always been a late sleeper. Making it to Mother's Day Out by 9:30 has always been a major challenge for us. This little ball of fire wakes up around 6:30 ready to party. And he also wants his sister as soon as he wakes up. I tried my best to keep him quiet this morning, but he was so anxious for her, he just kept yelling, "Aaaaaace!" So needless to say she was awake just a few minutes after him.

I am just in absolute awe of my precious little boy. He is so incredibly happy and joyful. He is also very smart. He is already picking up English, and the communication really hasn't been as tough as I thought it was going to be. Sure, there are plenty of times where he rambles on and on about something and I have no clue what he is talking about, but usually a simple "really?" or "oh wow", depending on which one I think seems appropriate for the story, is good enough for him. This morning the first thing he said to me was, "Potty, mommy." I was so excited. Potty is a new word to him. And he didn't even normally tell his caretakers at the orphanage when he needed to go- so this was HUGE. He is learning so quickly and understanding more than I ever thought he would after just a couple days home.

Last night we took a gamble and went out to dinner at Lakeside with my parents and brother and sister. I really had no idea how he would be. He was amazing. If there is food in front of him, he is totally content. I have to keep his plate in front of me, and put a little at a time for him on another plate, because he will inhale it as fast as humanly possible otherwise. Ace was so good too. It was so nice to actually be able to sit and talk and eat an entire meal.

Today was Aunt Abby's birthday so we went swimming at the Racquet Club. Archie had so much fun. He loves swimming. Daddy took him down the big slide a couple times. The first time, they went silly slow, and he liked it so much he wanted to do it again. The second time they went a little faster and he went under a little at the end. That may very well be the last time he ever goes down that slide. He came up crying. Broke my heart. But he got over it pretty quickly and was laughing and swimming again in no time. But if he saw the slide he would point and say "Ney!!"

Yesterday, both kids crashed (can you say miracle) around 3, and Joey and I finally woke them up a little after 5. He did not want to wake up yet. Here he is trying to go back to sleep on me. He just climbed up and closed his eyes. Of course I let him stay like that for a few more minutes.

Both my cuddle bugs post-nap

Can't get enough hugs

Heading to dinner at Lakeside. Archie, of course, had to bring a purse because Ace was bringing one. Today at target I bought him a little man purse so that he doesn't have to carry the pink monkey one anymore. He is nervous walking into new places. He really wants to be held, and wanted me to carry him in, but that is not a habit I want to start, so you just sort of pull him along and reassure him that everything is okay. He chews on his thumbs when he is either nervous or excited. Here he is doing that. He did this all the time at the orphanage. It is his comfort and I know it will take a long time to break that habit.

Outside on the deck looking at the turtles

Such a ham. He LOVES having his picture taken. He will either say "SMILE" or "CHEEEEESE". It is so cute. He also loves to take his pretend camera and take pictures of people. And he always says "Say cheese!"

Just being cute with Aunt May May

Mimi and her grandkids!

I think Ace is smizing here

Somebody's sleepy.....

Today. About to head out. It was our first day out and about, so of course I had to put them in matching outfits.

Grilled Cheese at Jason's Deli. He says "Yummy!" and rubs his belly when he eats.

Sweet ride. At Target.

At the pool with Aunt Abby!

Rockin out at Gay Gay's house

Ace is a legit rockstar. Check out her little tongue. She had some crazy moves.

Serious guitar playing

Archie making daddy smile big for the picture

Getting very sleepy....

Everyone was ready for bed at this point


One little monster didn't even make it all the way home. Ace sang him lullabies all the way home.

I am one blessed Mama!

Lots of Love!


Connie Renee said...

I just cannot get over how wonderful this transition has been for you guys! AND he is older....it is nothing short of a miracle!!! Absolutely fantastic! Praise the Lord! I can't get enough of the pictures and i love that you are able to write so often! i appreciate it!

Paige Cunningham said...

Lots of love to your beautiful family! What a miraculous BLESSING!!!! I can't get over your inspiring story. You are all in my prayers daily.

Christyn Soland said...

I just smile and laugh and smile and laugh all the way through. Love it all. :-)

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