Gotcha Day (Picture Version)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All pictures taken by the amazing Whitney Runyon!

Perfect sunrise for a perfect Gotcha Day

View of Kazanluk from the hotel

At the orphanage. Archie has lived here his entire life.

They just told him that Daddy is coming, but he hasn't seen him yet.....

There's Daddy!

Reunited. Finally.

So darn happy.

He LOVES to make pretend phone calls. Here he is pretending to call me. (Using a camera)

"Hey, Mommy! So, Daddy made it here, and I will be home soon"

Still chatting

An older picture of Archie that hangs up at the orphanage

Joey signing the paperwork!

One proud dad

This is a cake that Joey and I bought to thank the orphanage staff and volunteers for all that they have done for Archie for the last seven years. In the top right hand corner are our names, "Joey, Lisa, Ace". And at the bottom it says "with thankfulness to all of you and your care for our son".

So excited about his cake

Anxious. The boy has a major sweet tooth

Love that smile

Shocked by the crazy flames on those candles!

So happy

Time to eat

Ready for the send-off ritual

The child drinks from the bowl of water

and then water is thrown on the steps

And then the child leaves with his new family as he walks over the water

Ready to go! He wanted to drive

We are so blessed to have had so many people LOVE our son so incredibly much. There were a lot of tears as they waved goodbye to him

Driving away from the orphanage

Just down the road from the orphanage, they saw this field of sunflowers and stopped for a quick photo shoot.

Waiting outside of the police station for some paperwork to be finished

Staying close to dad

All done.

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends for your love and support during this part of our journey! We are truly blessed!

Lots of Love!


amyl4 said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you:)

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Archie has a sweet tooth. . . say no more. . . I think he needs some homemade goodies from us whenever y'all are settled in! :-) still can't get over that picture of him with his hands clasped in front of his cake!

Tamara's Mommy said...

Adorable son. Beautiful pictures. Very HAPPY father. VERY NICE to see!!! Congratulations again. You are all blessed!

Suzanne said...

Wow... Thank you for sharing. We have been hoping and praying for this day for so long. Beautiful pictures. We are so happy for y'all and Archie.

Suzanne, Clay, Murphy and Madden

connie said...

Congratulations. Beautiful pictures, and I love the sending away ritual. :)

Jonana said...

Oh, that sending away ritual made me cry! I.Can't.Wait. until that's us!

Beth said...

What a WONDERFUL post!!! Congrats to you all!

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Oh can I post this on the RR blog? LOVE the photos! :)

jackie said...

I love the video, I watch it at least 3x a week!!!
I was blessed with a son with Down Syndrome 10 years ago.
I was going to give him up for adoption,
I didn't....He is the heart and soul of me....he is my rock...he entertains me, hugs me, bugs me (lol) and omg....what would I do without him....
Your daughter is amazing too......
Wish we could let our boys meet!!!!!

Unknown said...

Gosh, that is one beautiful child :)

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