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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am too tired tonight to write much, so I will get straight to the good stuff!

This is literally how he wakes up in the morning and ends the night. My happy, joyful boy.

Saying "Smiiiiiiile"!

This morning one of Ace's best friends, Jake, came over to meet Archie and play. They all played so well together and it was so great getting to see Archie meet a new friend, who will be a lifelong friend of both my kiddos!

One of my closest friends, Jake's mom, Briana getting some cuddles from Archie

After a fun play date, we headed to Orange Leaf (our new obsession) for some frozen yogurt. Archie found Ace's cowboy hat and decided he wanted to wear it.

After that it was time for a much needed nap. Both kids were TIRED. But neither of them would let me leave them alone to put the other one down. So we all ended up together, which led to a whole lot of silliness and no sleeping. Here they are being way too cool to take a nap.

Not gonna happen, Mom....

Definitely not......This is too much fun!

So we headed to the pool instead.

Archie's favorite thing to do was rub the sunscreen all over himself. He reapplied at least 4 times.

By the time we got home from the pool, Daddy was home! YAY! And he took the kids for a walk in the wagon. They actually ended up walking to HEB. He called me and said "What do we need from HEB, we're the only wagon in here." As if it is common to pull your kids in a giant Radio Flyer through the grocery store. But it sure was fun! Archie was cracking up!

Dancing in the kitchen

Helping Dad with dinner

Listening intently to Ace's blessing. "Dear God, I wanna eat, I wanna drink. Thank you, God, for our food. Amen!"

We put both Little Monsters in bed directly after dinner (8ish). Ace is finally back in her Big Girl Bed. Although it took me almost an hour to actually get her to sleep (which included 3 trips to the potty, only one of which anything happened), she is sound asleep there now, and that's progress.

We are continually in awe of our kids and how well they are adjusting to their new worlds. They are so funny together and really do love each other so much.

We are also so grateful for all the love and support of our family and friends.

Lots of Love,


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Precious Precious Precious! And I LOVE orange leaf too. . . ! :-)

Renee said...

A little bit of heaven and chaos all rolled into one....Get some rest, friend. You are doing awesome!

rachellee said...

They are so beautiful! I am so happy to read your posts and to see the joy in that little boy's eyes! AWESOME!

Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie in 54)

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