The Final Countdown!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today was a busy, busy one for the boys. As soon as they woke up we had our early morning for them/late night for me Skype session. Archie is just so happy in the morning and I love that time. Even though it is only through the computer, I can tell that he is already feeling more and more close to me and excited to see me every time. He LOVES saying, "I love you" now. He even says it without me saying it to him. And when he says it to me, he immediately turns to Joey and says, "I love you, Daddy".

We chatted for a bit and then they headed down to eat breakfast. Then at 11 o'clock they headed to the doctor. Archie had to have an exam to make sure he was all heathy to be cleared to travel home. He did great and is as healthy as a horse!

After the doctor they headed to the Embassy for the "exit interview". I am still not totally sure what went on during that time, but basically it is them asking Joey some questions and finalizing everything before he leaves to bring Archie home. All went well, and Archie was a good boy throughout it all.

Tomorrow they will get Archie's passport and get ready to head home early Saturday morning. They are being picked up at their hotel at 4 AM...that should be fun! Then they have a short flight to Frankfurt and after that a LONGGGG (10.5 hour) flight all the way home to Houston! They arrive in Houston at 1 PM on Saturday. I am so nervous for that long flight. Joey has been so awesome with him though, so I know it will be fine no matter what. I am hoping a few movies on the Ipad will keep him entertained, and that he will sleep some! Whatever happens, I know that he will provide great entertainment for the other passengers....whether they want it or not.

On to the good stuff......


Off to the Doctor

Waiting in the exam room

Archie and the Doc

Skype kisses

Anyone who knows Ace, knows that one of her favorite things to do is draw on herself. She can often be seen out and about fully decorated. So Joey thought it was pretty funny when he found Archie doing this.


He likes to put on Daddy's clothes

It is truly amazing how well Archie is doing. Of course, his real new world hasn't yet begun. But we are off to a super start. Joey is such an amazing Dad and I am so thankful for him.

Tomorrow is their last day in Bulgaria! Ace and I cannot wait to have them home.

Lots of Love!!


Jessica said...

I seriously have tears in my eyes! He is SO happy! Big love and prayers for you guys!

amyl4 said...

OMG! That little boy of yours is gorgeous! What a smile, he's going to be a charmer! (My grandma would always say that about Jimmy).

msmurphey said...

I have goose bumps from head to toe. So happy for ya'll :) What a beautiful family! Loved seeing yall at Carabbas! So thrilled the day is here for you guys and will continue praying for their safety home! Hugs, Morgan

Anonymous said...

haha. BIG smile in all these pics. What a good sport!

CareBear said...

What a great smile! He already IS a charmer!

Morgan Mayes said...

Dearest Lisa, Joey, Ace & Archie,

Right now I'm sure you're all four snuggled up together after your first day stateside as a family.

I just "met" you for the first time today, and I truly am excited to get to know you four better. I'm so so so excited to see photos and hear the story from today's reunion.

I have tears rolling down my face. Tears of joy for you four. God IS so good. And tears of sadness for those still in Bulgaria... My husband and I have talked about adoption before, but I have never had that pull on my heart that some talk about. ...that I do now. I know that moment when I first pulled my newborn babies to my chest and looked in their eyes, meeting someone for the first time, even though I already loved them more than words could say. That look was in your eyes, Lisa, when you met Archie. And the moment I saw that photo I truly felt...feel... that some of my babies are not going to be born into my arms but that God will find them for me and bring me to them.

Have a beautiful day, family of four. So much love to you. I truly can't wait to find out about today and I'm so thankful God brought you into my life.

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