American Boy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today in the mail we received Archie's Certificate of Citizenship. Officially an American Boy.

Here is what this American Boy and his sister have been up to....

Discovering new things. We did this for a good ten minutes.

Archie's first birthday party for their friend, Connor. They were so excited!

And had the best time! Jumping.......

and sliding.....

with friends!

Ace was reunited with one of her very best friends in the world- Jack. They were in school together for 2 years and now they are at different schools. They seriously miss each other so much. They ran to hug when they saw each other and then stayed glued together the entire party.

After the birthday party we went to watch our friend, Berklee's, soccer game. Archie and Ace played and played with their buddy Wickie. Archie, our graceful one, took several spills. But he always manages to keep a smile!

My little athelete

Ace and Wickie. Heading over to watch the game.

After the game we came home to rest. We watched Little Rascals. These are the moments I love the most!

I really had been wanting to give Ace a haircut. She HATES brushing her hair or letting me do anything with it at all, so I like to keep it shorter. Otherwise, it is a total rat's nest, and I usually send her to school looking like a little ragamuffin. Tonight, she agreed to let me cut it (and even wanted me to...shocker), so of course I jumped on it. Here she is before. And this is her as tamed as can be.

And after! She LOVES it. So much easier. So much less hair to deal with.


Of course, anything Ace does, Archie must do. So he was next for a haircut. I was pretty anxious to get my hands on that scraggle head too. Check out those monster sideburns- Before.

And after. All cleaned up and looking as handsome as ever.

My two little monsters showing off their new dos

I love my cuddle bugs!

Lots of Love!


Anonymous said...

so cute!

Suzanne said...

Lisa!!!! What a proud moment! They are beautiful by the way....we got haircuts thursday too-so weird! Everyone looks as happy as ever, keep posting we are sitting here reading it together and we love it!
Suzanne and Clay

Jaclyn M said...

I saw your family on RR, and saw that you were bringing (or ad just brought) your child home. I am so happy to see you that you have been able to bring your child home!!!

I am just starting a RR journey myself.


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