Thursday, September 15, 2011

People probably think I am crazy when I am out with the kids and I am taking insane amounts of photos in what appear to be very normal places and situations. The mall, Target, the grocery store, every restaurant, playground. You name it- I am there in full paparazzi style taking pictures of Archie. (Most often with Ace, but she is so over it, and Archie LOVES having his picture taken). I can remember when Ace was first born, and when we were experiencing all of her "firsts". I did the exact same thing. I had a camera in my hand at every moment. I wanted to capture it all.

I get sad quite a bit thinking about all of the firsts that I missed out on with Archie. All of the basics. First roll over, sit up, crawl, steps, words. First night in a "big boy bed", first time to eat with a fork and spoon. So I get pretty excited when I get to experience a new first for Archie. And there have been so many. First time to ride in a car seat. First time to watch a basketball game. First time to go to the movie theater. First time to eat Tex Mex. (First time to eat most foods). First time to walk a dog. First pet. First vacation. First time to have his own bedroom. First time to have his own toys. First day of school. First time to snuggle on a couch with his mom, dad, and sister. That's a bunch of firsts. First. First. First. Is that starting to sound like a really weird word to you?

I am thankful to have some snapshots of Archie's earlier days when we didn't yet know that he was our son.

Not flesh of my flesh

Nor bone of my bone

But still miraculously my own.

Never forget

For a single minute

You didn't grow under my heart
But in it.
-Fleur Conkling Heylinger

Looking forward to many more firsts with our sweet boy.
So grateful. So blessed.
Lots of Love!


ashleypmo said...

What a blessing to have those photos! I just got home from an adoption conference, and the speaker stressed the value of having something to connect an adopted child to the beginning of his/her story, to give him the connectedness to the past so that their past isn't something they've lost. What a blessing that Archie has these pictures! Gosh, he was just always that cute, wasn't he?

Connie Renee said...

I agree with Ashley...he just stood out in every picture, thus, the reason you never had to tell us which one he was!!! Just precious! The last one, i just want to have you pick him up and snuggle him!!! UGH! Thank you for sharing these with us!

Iris said...

Hi! I'm a dedicated (okay, maybe obsessed) reader of your blog. I love it for so many reasons, one of which being that I have a very good friend [] who adopted 3 kids from EE 5 months ago, one of who has Down's, and Archie reminds me SOOO much of sweet little Danil.
I didn't stumble upon your blog until Archie was almost home. I loved that I was able to start at the beginning and experience ya'll's entire journey through not only your amazing writing abilities (I can say they are honestly astounding as I am an English major) but also your numerous pictures. No matter what ANYONE says, don't stop documenting the "firsts."
-Iris Alexander []

Mandy said...

Just precious, Lisa! How amazingly blessed are we to have photos of our boys before they came/come home? God is good! Love me some Archie! I'd follow him everywhere with a camera, too!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I absolutely ADORE your quote! :-) tears in my eyes! :-)

Martha said...

Please help find a family to one of the saddest faces of Reece's Rainbow, Kristie.

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