I can't think of anything creative to name this. So we will go with, "School Update"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So I have actually been able to breathe a little bit this week which has been AWESOME. Archie is doing so well in school and is LOVING it. Day 1 really could not have gone any better. He was so excited to see me and Ace when we got there. His teacher said he asked for me several times (which is a very good thing!) I was most worried about him not understanding that I was dropping him off just for a little bit, but that I would be back to get him. He learned SO MUCH just after the first day. He was signing complete sentences to me ("may I have _______").

Tuesday was picture day. I am so happy he was there for that, and of course I am super anxious to see his picture! He asked for me again several times in the afternoon, so his teacher set a timer, where he could see the time going down, and explained when it beeps, Mommy would be there. That was about an hour before pickup time. He went to the timer several times and would point at it and say "Mommy, Mommy." I know it seems weird to say, but I am so incredibly thrilled that he is thinking about and missing me during the day.

This morning he woke up signing "school" and "friends" and saying his teacher's name, Miss Donna. He started getting a little anxiety in the car on the way and was saying, "no thank you school, no thank you school". Then when we got there, one of his other teachers, Miss Regina greeted him at the car to take him into class, and he kind of whined, "No...Mommy, Ace!" They are so great about distracting him and making him feel comfortable. They stood there and watched us drive away and he blew us kisses and was yelling "Love you mommy, love you ace!" He totally understands that I am coming back to get him. And I love it that when I get there he drops everything and sprints in his little penguin style run over to give me the biggest hug ever. JOY. We are just so happy and grateful to be at Arbor. I couldn't have dreamed up a better place for him right now.

In other news, my camera is pretty much kaput. Which is why this is going to be a picture-less post. I know. Bummer. What the heck did you just waste the last couple of minutes reading this for? Sorry! Promise to have that problem solved ASAP.

Lots of Love!


Joy said...

I LOVE to read happy updates like this! I am so glad that he is at such a great school!

Christyn said...

Penguin-style!! Ahh, i love that little guy. You guys are truly blessed. :-)

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