One Jerk and a Bunch of Shots

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My kids absolutely owned me today. It was rough. From the minute they woke up they were in rare form and I was simply outnumbered. I thought things couldn't go much more downhill when we were eating lunch at Escalantes and one kid was intentionally smearing beans on her face and hanging on my back, while the other was flopping around like a fish, with his feet practically laying in the lady at the next table's lap. One English speaking kid was yelling, "Mom, I need to go Poo Poo! POOOOOO POOOOO!" And one Bulgarian speaking kid was yelling, "Ne Poo Poo, Ace! Ne Poo Poo!" Awesome.

Next stop was to the Pediatrician. Archie had to get a physical for school stuff. (Post about what's going on with school for him to come). So we get there and they are as wound up as ever. I had to fill out all the new patient forms for Archie. I was hit pretty hard with lots of emotions as I read over the paperwork. One entire page was all about the mother. The pregnancy- was he full term, were prenatal vitamins taken, were there any complications, was there any drug or alcohol use during pregnancy. There were questions about the mother's health and history. I felt so strange that it wasn't asking about me. I am his mother. I have thought about his birth mom a lot during this process, but nothing like today. She is real. She carried him, gave birth to him. I wondered if she even held him at all. I wondered if she told him anything. If she looked into his eyes. Just as the tears were about to start flowing, my little ragamuffin boy came barreling into me. Planted a kiss right on my lips and shouted, "La Luh Lu, Mommy!" (I love you, Mommy). His timing couldn't have been better.

Our name was called and we headed back to the exam room. Within 2 minutes, a pile of kleenex covered the floor, 2 paper cups filled to the brim with water were sloshed all over the exam table, and one book that didn't belong to us had several pages torn out. My kids were so lucky that someone was about to walk in who I would be far more angry at than I was at them. The doctor. Unfortunately, we were not able to get an appointment quickly enough with our normal Pediatrician who we LOVE. I had never taken Ace to this particular doctor before. From the second she walked in I knew I wasn't going to be happy. I am pretty easy to please, but this lady just wasn't friendly. Archie was SO scared. I have never really seen him the way I saw him today. He was so afraid. He just kept yelling, "No thank you!" at her, which sounds more like, "Ne tank tu!" In other words, he didn't want her or any of her tools touching him. At least he used his manners. He clung tightly to my neck and yelled "bye bye" at the doctor. He wanted out. She had no interest in trying to help him through the exam process. She asked me if I could, "calm him down" so that she could examine him. (Well it was more of a demand really). I mean, come on, lady. This boy has been here for 3 weeks. He is in an entirely new world, and he is frightened, and you can't offer the tiniest bit of compassion. Nope. Instead she just told me that she would only be able to do a "limited exam due to his behavior." (Insert harsh insult)

So whatever. We move on. He needed some shots, and I had to sign a consent form. When she gave me the form and showed me where to sign, I saw that where it said "Mother", she wrote in front of it "Adoptive". Are you kidding me? I mean, yes, true, I am his adoptive mother. I am proud to be his adoptive mother. But I am also just his mother. What the heck difference did that make for this freakin form? (Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.)

It was now time for the shots. Poor baby. This boy is STRONG. So I had to basically lay on top of him to hold him down. He screamed and screamed. He was yelling, "Daddy!" As if Daddy could come to rescue him. And I cried just the same as I cry when Ace gets shots. Ace was a great sister. She stood by his head, stroked his hair and in the sweetest, most motherly little voice said, "It's okay buddy, none for Ace, none for Ace". She repeated that over and over, the entire time. I was trying not to start cracking up. But she was killin me. She wanted to be sure everyone knew she was not getting any shots. Great words of comfort.

Yada Yada Yada. Lollipops and we were out of there. After 3 ridiculously long and agonizing hours. We were all exhausted.

Okay, this is not too bad......

Sweet boy had no idea what he was in for

After round two of shots.

I called Joey to come up and help me out. Here is Archie showing off his cool bandaids.

And by the time we pulled in the driveway. Yes, it was 5 o'clock. And yes, I let them sleep til 6.

What a day.
Lots of Love!


Connie Renee said...

I'm so glad your hubby could come and help to relieve you of an emotional breakdown, which i am sure you were feeling was coming on. What a blessing. I am struggling with allowing fear to overwhelm me when i think of these kinds of days coming when we bring Ethan home and Scott is far away and not able to come and rescue me when i will be needing a breather.
YOUR children are precious and i am glad that they have a mommy who cares so much for them. Thank you so much for sharing your day! I pray that you get much needed rest this evening! ((((((HUGS))))))

Mandy said...

Mean doctors make me so angry! Especially pediatricians...why in the world would someone specialize in children's medicine, when they clearly lack the compassion needed to deal with kids. I'm sorry it was a rough day all around. Our prayers are covering you!

Joy said...

I think I might have told her that no matter how badly he may have been behaving, her behavior was worse. I can't wait to hear about his school plans - he will love it, I am sure!

Briana said...

oy vey, Lis, I want to give that Dr a piece of my mind, what a -----!!!!! LOVE YOU and LOVE your kiddos!! XOXO

Christyn said...

sounds like a 'goddess' night is in order!

Heather said...

Hey, I just found your blog while browsing the 'already home' section. :) I remember smiling when I would see pictures of your little Archie on RR. He looks like such a happy boy! Your life reminds me very much of mine! Our little Anya is 6 and has been home for 5 months. Days like your day at the Dr. happen often with Anya, plus a 2 year old! (oh, and 4 others.) The first couple of months those days are much more frequent, but then they happen less and less. Hang in there! You're doing great!!

Molly said...

Ew. I do not understand HOW a doctor could look at your cutie pies and not be warm towards them. Seriously, like Mandy said, nothing irks me more than a cold pedi!

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