Recap: (In a ridiculous amount of pictures)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My blogging frequency has been less than par lately. Everyday, I tell myself I am going to blog that day. But by the end of the night, when the kids are finally asleep, my body just doesn't allow me to. Maybe I will start waking up earlier to get it done (that's funny).

Anyway, here is what you've missed over the last couple of weeks. Still can't believe this boy has been home less than 3 weeks.

Just being silly

The boy who cried at the thought of this dog a couple weeks ago. Now he will not leave my poor girl alone!

Heading to the pool. Typical day!

With friends at the pool. Ace and "Baby Blair", as she calls her.

Little Fish

Heading home

Carson came to play!

Archie and Wickie!

Archie, Wickie, Ace and Berklee. We were at this awesome, miniature waterpark called Noah's Ark. Here they are sitting on a giant frog. Archie was a bit frightened as you can see!

Both my kids were terrified of this slide at first. But by the end of the day, they were going all by themselves. They literally went up and down for almost an hour. And they weren't happy when I finally told them it was time to go.

Archie and Berklee!

Lunch at Jason's Deli.

All dressed up to meet Gigi and Papa (their Great Grandma and Grandpa)

Gigi and Papa with their first Great-Grandson

Gigi showing them old pictures

With both of their Great-Grandkids. Love it!

Woody and Jessie, ready for bed!

Playtime first!

Archie working on his "soft hands". Ace loves to wrestle, and so does he, but he tends to not know how to be soft and gets too rough at times. So I am constantly reminding him "Soft" or "Be sweet". He is starting to get it, but for now it involves me standing over them at every second. Talk about exhausting!

So happy in his Woody Jammies

First day of Church!

Ready to go in!

Hamming it up

Superman! His favorite!


Archie is OBSESSED with my camera and with taking pictures. He could seriously do it for hours. Here are a couple of his best shots.

Not bad, huh?

Ace was so excited about her first day of school. She came running in screaming, "Mom, come here, come here, I am all ready for school, come see!" Here is what she showed me. The outfit she chose, all laid out. So cute.

Ready for school!

About to go in!

She had the best first day of school! Her teachers said she was awesome and she loves them and all her new friends. But she is totally over me taking so many pictures. Here she is trying to disguise herself. Sorry baby girl, there's no foolin' me!

Guitar Hero. Another favorite

The girl can rock out

This is what we consider "nap time". They lay on the couch. For about 45 seconds.

Cheering for Daddy at his basketball game. Both Ace and Archie love watching his games.

Whenever Joey is sitting out, both kids want to go sit with him.

Escalantes! He likes it as much as we do!

That's all for now!

Lots of Love!


Connie Renee said...

This is such an incredible joy to read every time you brings hope to those of us at home waiting to bring home our boys (children)! It seems like such a rare thing to have such an incredible transition! You are so very blessed with such a gift of joy and pleasure at being HOME together!!! I praise the Lord for such an amazing treasure!!! SO happy for you!

amyl4 said...

OMG! I just love that little guy's smile! Your kids are darling, Love the pics!:)

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