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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I was so proud of my girl this morning. At our church, they have Preschool Worship. The cutest thing in the entire world. It is a mini Church service for the preschoolers. They take an offering (and the kids are the ushers), have a little choir, listen to a Bible Story, say the Lord's Prayer. They also have a part where a little one gets up to talk about the cross. They say the same thing each time. "Jesus died, on the cross, to forgive us, of our sins." Normally, the teacher whispers the lines into the kid's ear.

Ace just last night when we were talking about Preschool Worship, told me that she wanted to talk about the cross. So I asked her if she knew what to say. She sort of had I told her exactly what to say and we practiced it over and over until she had it down. She isn't usually one to get up in front of a group and do something like this. She recently cried her eyes out over the idea of having to do show-and-tell at school, so I was pretty surprised that she wanted to do this. But this morning, she still wanted to. She rocked it. And I was so proud.

I am so mad that the video is a little blurry while she is up there-- but her little voice is really what makes it.

Lots of Love!


Anonymous said...

She's all grown up! So proud of her.

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

AHHHHHH, PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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