I am the Church- By Ace and Archie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This past Sunday at Preschool Worship, Archie was a part of the choir. He did awesome and had so much fun. I was so mad at myself because I didn't have my camera on me to catch his performance on video. And I ALWAYS have my camera on me. They do this one song every week, "I am the Church". He was so cute, imitating all the hand motions just right, and trying his best to get the words.

So today I asked Ace if she would do a reenactment with Archie. Here is their version. She didn't get all the words exactly right, but she was close. It also doesn't normally go on for as long as she went. I just love how Archie smiles at her and says, "Yeah!" They were cracking us up. Watch it all the way through- at the very end Ace does a really sweet move on the word "people".

Lots of Love!


nancy said...

that was so joyful! Loved it!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I ADORED Ace's HIP MOVEMENTS at the end! :-)

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