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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

  • Archie is continuing to pick up English very quickly. He speaks English most of the time and only reverts back to Bulgarian if he is upset and wants to really rant, is pretending to tell a story, or is talking on the phone. Other than that he is speaking English- often in complete sentences. His vocabulary is expanding every day. (Signs and words). He always asks, "May I have" (whatever it is he wants....most often cheese or cookie). Today Ace was with my mom when I picked him up from school and the entire car ride home he begged, "Mommy, may I please have Ace!?!"

  • Ace is my little interpreter. Archie will often really be trying to tell me something and I cannot understand him, but somehow Ace does, and she tells me exactly what he is trying to say. He is so happy when I finally get it.

  • Archie LOVES to hug. He is quite touchy feely and often rubs people's bellies, and I am constantly having to pull his hands down. At school, he was doing that to his friends, so the teachers started telling him "no touch friends". So we are focusing on that a whole lot right now. Everywhere we go, he walks with his hands out, just trying to touch everyone. It is getting better and better every day. Yesterday, we were at the mall playground, and a little boy came up and put his hand on Archie's chest, and Archie just nicely moved his hand down, looked the boy in the eye and said to him, "No touch friends". I was so proud, and cracking up on the inside. The kid just looked at him funny and moved on.

  • Ace and Archie both have a tremendous amount of patience for each other.

  • The times that Ace and Archie bond the most are when they are being a little mischievous. Ace usually instigates it. I will hear her whispering something to him like, "Archie, come on, lets go get everything out of the fridgerator". (I'm not kidding). He gets the biggest smile on his face and they sneak off to the kitchen, truly believing that they are pulling a fast one on me. So I let them do some "naughty" things (within reason) and I just listen to them crack each other up.

  • Archie talks an insane amount. He is pretty much never not talking.
    • We are so lucky that Archie is a good sleeper. He is down around 8 (and falls asleep within 5ish minutes) on most nights and sleeps until 7 or 7:30. He does crazy flipping around and ends up in really weird positions every night. We often hear loud banging into the wall coming from his room. But he stays asleep. Ace on the other hand takes FOREEEEVVVER to fall asleep. I thought I had found the magical trick. I started laying next to her in bed and rubbing her back and singing Kenny Loggins, "Danny's Song" (You know, "Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey....") to her at night. And she was falling asleep by the end of the song- this happened for a couple of weeks. Until she had the lyrics memorized, and now she sings along with me, and thus does not fall asleep. I desperately need a new song that I think I sound as good singing as I do that one.

    • You literally cannot take your eyes off of Archie for a split second. Talk about exhausting.

    • Ace has a serious addiction to Apple Juice. It is bad. She cries for it. Like serious tears. Archie wakes up in the morning, goes to get her sippy cup to bring it to me and says, "Mommy, Ace Dawble Joos please". It is hysterical. He is so concerned about her getting her Apple Juice fix. I am thinking we may go cold turkey and not keep Apple Juice in the house anymore. It will be a ROUGH few days- but the kid's teeth are going to rot right out if this doesn't stop.

    • Archie is doing so amazingly well with playing soft and sweet. Ace is actually the one who starts playing rough and wanting to wrestle, and he just kind of lets her hang and climb on him, but doesn't wrestle back. He has become so much more aware of his strength and how to play nicely. He still has his moments of roughness, but they are few and far between.

    • Archie is just as scared of mascots or anyone dressed in a costume as Ace is. He cried the other night at the MHS football game when he saw the Mustang. (From a far distance). He also gets scared of loud noises- like at the game when we were walking through a big crowd and they scored a touchdown and everyone screamed- he clung to my neck and cried and cried. Other than that he loves going to the football games.
      • I am constantly getting asked how far apart Ace and Archie are in age. Several people have even asked me "how many months apart are they?" Of course they are shocked when I tell them she is 3 and he is 7. Sometimes I explain. Sometimes I let them wonder.
      • Ace is very protective of Archie. When at the playground she tells any kids that she meets and starts to play with, "This is my brother. His name is Archie. He will play with us."
      • A few weeks ago, I took Ace to her first little preschool choir practice at church. I wasn't planning on Archie participating, but he really wanted to- so I sat in the corner of the class and watched to make sure he would be okay. He did fantastic and they both loved it. So the next week, we tried it again...this time with me outside of the room (of course peering in the window like a complete freak the whole time, ready to pounce in there at any second). But he has done really, really well. He has also been participating in Preschool Worship at our church on Sunday Mornings. Of course he is glued to Ace's hip the entire time, but he pays attention and sits still and quiet for the most part.

      Alright, Archie is currently yanking my arm in panic mode telling me, "Mommy, Ace hungy, Ace hungy". He is her little messenger.- so concerned about her well being. So I better go!

      Lots of Love!


      CareBear said...

      BIG SMILES! They are just precious together!

      Jessica said...

      i am so in love with your kids! Some of the RR families here in San Antonio are toying with the idea of a get together probably some time next year. Would you guys be interested in coming? BIG love to your whole family!


      Gentry said...

      Those two are a hoot! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

      Connie Renee said...

      I am always encouraged by the relationship of your two! They are absolutely precious! I will love watching them grow up & see him protecting her & her loving up on him! Just adore your posts & always look forward to the next one! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to do it! HUGS to you

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