Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I keep thinking of things I have forgotten to blog about over the past several weeks. So I am going to put all of those things into one big post. Here goes:

A couple weeks ago we went with our good friends, the Moerers, to our favorite dinner spot, Clay's. It is the best place for kids. They have pony rides, a big sandbox, animals you can feed, and a giant deck for the moms and dads to sit on and relax while the kids run around.
Ace loved riding the pony, but we couldn't get Archie to do it.
That evening we found the rainbow that Ace had been talking about. Before Archie came home she told me, "Mom, when Archie gets home, I think there's gonna be a rainbow." There it was! Our little "Pot of Gold".

Archie LOVES Carson.

Hammin it up as usual
Towards the end of the night, the rain started to come down. Our kids were of course the only ones still in the sand box, which had turned into more of a mud pit.

Archie quickly lost his shirt

And Ace figured she could be just like the boys....

All ready for church

At first when it finally rained, Archie was SCARED. He cried and cried and said the rain hurt him if it got on him. Until Ace showed him how much fun playing in the rain was...after that I couldn't get him out of it!

Loving that big, growing belly

Family Dinner!

Typical day- Playing at the mall castle

It was all fun and games until some little kid came barreling through the castle, just as I was about to sit back down. He clipped my knee from the side, and my kneecap dislocated. (These stupid, bad knees run in my family. My dad and sister have had to have surgery on theirs...I have had trouble with mine since 8th grade). So anyway, I will spare you the painful details. But long story short, my knee goes out, I fall onto this man's lap who had been sitting next to me playing Angry Birds on his Ipad. I couldn't talk, I just screamed in agony. And I couldn't move, so I just laid in his lap. I heard a lady ask what had happened and he just said "I have no idea, I didn't see it." Well, HELLO, I don't care if you saw it or not, HELP ME. He was so weirded out. Joey was with me, but he was chasing some random kids around...and while he swears he was there right away, it felt like forever until he came and pulled me out of this stranger's lap. And don't get me wrong, I didn't want any attention- But nobody cared! I was literally lying on this bench screaming. And this man was sitting six inches away from me still playing Angry Birds.
The kids were so worried. Ace was fake crying and Archie was just telling me, "it's okay, mommy, it's okay, mommy." Over and Over and Over.
I hobbled out of the mall and they took very good care of me when we got home...

Never leaving my side. And I milked it a bit too....

My knee healed. And Archie lost a tooth. This was his first one to lose since he has been home- his third ever. He was pretty excited!

He put his tooth in his special pillow....and went to bed waiting for the Tooth Fairy. Who faithfully came through, leaving him a bunch of jelly beans- his favorite. Ace told me the next day that the Tooth Fairy had come into her room that night and talked to her. And she hugged her.

This is a special little sweater that was made by our sweet friend, Villi, in Bulgaria. Villi was with us on our first trip, and during that trip-- in just 5 short days-- she made this sweater for Ace. We love her very much!

Here we are in Bulgaria with Villi.
It finally got cool enough for Archie to wear his new sweatshirt one day. He thinks he is really cool in it. And he looks pretty cute too!

Being goofy at the MHS Homecoming game

Archie just waved from a safe distance and screamed, "no kank you, horsey. Bye bye horsey!!"

Woody and Jessie are ready for Halloween!! We had a carnival at church this past weekend. They had a blast!

Loving the poses.

Ace and Jack. True Love.

I am one blessed mama!

Lots of Love!


Hi, I'm Alysha -But you can call me Lysh said...

love all the pics :D Ace and Archie are just so cute together..I LOVE it! You really are one blessed mama ♥

Kelly said...

So cute, Lisa. Love reading the updates!


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