3 Months

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is hard to believe that just three months ago today, I was standing in the airport, more anxious than I have ever been in my entire life, waiting to hug my son. The anticipation was insane.

And the joy that Ace and I felt when he finally stepped through those doors with his Daddy, was absolutely overwhelming.
Our little superstar

Finally home.

Right where he belonged.

It feels like Archie has been with us forever. He continues to blow us away with how quickly he is learning. He is so happy, and joy-filled.
Each night before bed, Archie reminds us that we need to kiss him. He won't go to sleep until everyone has given him a kiss. Those simple things remind me where he came from. It reminds me that he didn't have a family to kiss him goodnight for his first 7 years. It reminds me of all the precious children going to sleep tonight without any kisses.
We are just so thankful that we get to kiss him goodnight. Every single night.

Lots of Love!


mex said...

Time flies by so quickly! Happy three monthiversary!!!

Suzanne said...

ughhh Melt. my . heart! Love him!!!
Clay and Suzanne

ashleypmo said...

*sniff* I just love a good happily-ever-after. <3

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