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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A lot has been going on with us this last week. Archie's shag was getting pretty wild, and like his sister, he does not like for me to mess with it at all, so I decided it was time for a cut. I have always cut Ace's hair myself, and I really wanted to cut his, but he would not sit still for me at all, so I decided to take him to get a real haircut.

Here is the before......
He sat very still during the cut. I thought about leaving it at a mullet at one point. I hear the mullet's making a comeback.....

But Archie very much has his own opinion and sense of style. I had him look through a book of hairstyles while we were waiting, and he really wanted the spiked-up, mohawk look. He was quite adamant. So here is what we ended up with.....

Of course, Ace had to get a haircut too, since her brother was getting one. Her first "real" haircut. (As in not done by me). I really cannot believe I paid fifteen bucks for the lady to pretty much pretend to cut her hair. I would have been fine with her taking a good bit off, but I really think she just snipped the scissors in the air around Ace's head a few times and called it a day. Oh well. Ace did great and felt like a really big girl.

As soon as Archie got out of his chair he ran to show Ace his new do. Ace said, "wow Archie, I love it, you look so cute!"

All done!

We don't use quite as much gel as the hairdresser guy did, but Archie loves to stand in the mirror in the morning and spike it up. Here is how he does it. What a stud.

Oh the things Ace does to him........and how he loves it!

We had a flag football game with some friends up at church the other day. Archie had his first football experience. He was pretty excited!

Yesterday, Ace had a little Thanksgiving performance at her school. When they started walking in, she was the first one in line. She didn't look too happy. When they got up there, Joey and I were making ultra cheesy faces at her, thumbs up, the whole nine yards, but she wouldn't crack a smile. In fact, she was on the brink of tears.

I had no idea why she was so upset, but her teacher told me afterwards that she was really nervous and was crying in line just before they walked out. She sucked it up and sang all the songs like a champ though. Just a little stage fright. When we got home, I asked her why she was crying before the performance, and she said, "cause I just wanted to kiss you." Sweet baby girl, that is a good reason.
She was all smiles when the show was over. Here she is with her friend Avery back in their classroom.

And in the biggest news of the week........We moved! It all came up pretty quickly. Long story short, we moved just across the freeway from where we were- seriously could throw a rock from our house to where we are now. We needed to feel confident and comfortable with the public elementary school we were zoned to (since Archie will soon be a public school boy) and we just didn't have that where we were living. Now we do. Archie will go to Bunker Hill next semester. So we moved from our little house with a big back yard (the thing I will miss the most), to an apartment with a big pool right out front (the thing the kids are most excited about).
The kids really LOVE it! And actually, Joey and I do too. We have a lot of space and the best thing to them--stairs. There is nothing more hilarious to them than one kid standing at the top of the stairs and the other standing at the bottom, while the one at the top throws all of the stuffed animals down to the one at the bottom.

Every night, Ace wakes up in the middle of the night and comes and gets in bed with me and Joey. Every single night. She has always slept with us since she was born. And I love it, but I was so worried about our bedroom being downstairs and hers being up, and her having to go downstairs at night. I really lost sleep over it many nights before we moved in. So I was thrilled when we went to look at the apartment just a few days before moving in, to find that the master was actually upstairs. (We hadn't seen our exact apartment before that point, just one similar). So Joey and I are upstairs, with Ace next door, and Archie is downstairs in a giant bedroom that is doubling as their playroom. It all worked out perfectly. We put two twin beds together in Ace's bedroom so that she has a big king sizeish bed. She loves it. And she looks so tiny in it.

Anyway, we are happy. And exhausted.

Lots of Love!


Shannon said...

Love these beautiful faces, friend <3 You made my heart happy tonight...

ashleypmo said...

just beautiful.... <3

mex said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for the updates... I love reading about all that is happening in the land of Archie!!

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