Woody and Jessie Take Halloween!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I really feel like I need to hibernate for the next week or so after all of the festivities we have had over the last couple of weeks. I have to get used to calling my kids their actual names again, instead of "Jessie" and "Woody". They have practically been living in those costumes! Archie LOVED Halloween. I think it was the most perfect first Halloween ever!

We got to go on a field trip with Archie's class to a festival at Easter Seals. I was so glad it was on a day Ace wasn't in school so that she could come along. They had the best time ever. Here they are walking in with Archie's teacher, Donna. They both love her so much. Ace wanted to be with her the entire time. We talk about Miss Donna quite a bit at our house. She is not only an AMAZING teacher, she has also been such an incredible support for me since Archie has been home.

With their buddy Aveline

Just playing!

Making spider cookies! Yum!

Off to another festival at Grace Bible Church! Hanging with the clown that Archie was quite obsessed with.

A month ago Archie would have cried at the site of these animals. But he was right in there feeding them all and chasing them around shouting, "come on, cow!!" (There were no cows in there)

Yet another festival....at City Centre. Getting his hair green!

Being Awesome.

Painting pumpkins

Serious business

At a party at a good friend's house..trying to get a picture with all the kids....

And finally Halloween night!

Ready to Trick-or-Treat.

Aveline came to join us!

I was so excited for Archie's first door! A nice man opened it up,
Archie yelled "To To To Treat!!" And then ran as fast as he could into their house. He was yelling "candy? candy?" I chased him in, wrangled him up and got him out. The man was really nice and just laughed. But boy did he go way in there. I guess I should have been standing closer to him. By the second house, he knew the drill.


Until Thanksgiving! Just kidding. I should be back before then...

Lots of Love!


Jessica said...

hahahahahaha! I'm laughing so hard that he RAN into a stranger's house. That is AWESOME.

Love your Woody and Jessie. Too cute!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

DYING about Archie RUNNING into someone's house. . . HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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