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Friday, December 9, 2011

People often ask us about Archie's name. So here's the scoop.

Archie was not Archie until he came home. Well to us, he was always Archie, but he was not in his orphanage.
His full, legal name today is Georgie Archibald Eicher.

When we clicked on that link and saw our son, we did not know what his name was. We wondered and guessed. We showed his picture to Ace.
I remember the first time she looked at him. It didn't take her long to figure it out. I asked her, "what do you think his name is?" And she, without any hesitation at all, said, "Archie". I wasn't sold right off the bat. "Archie, huh. Are you sure about that?" "Yep, mama, his name is Archie."

I wish I could say that there was some really sweet or sentimental reason for her choosing that name. But the truth is, at the time, her favorite movie was Dr. Dolittle 2. One of the main characters in Dr. Dolittle 2, is a bear named Archie.

So from that moment on, he was Archie to us. Nickname- Archie Bear.

Georgie was the name that was given to him by his birthmother. Although in Bulgaria it is pronounced with hard G's. As is "Go". We pronounce it with soft G's.

Speaking of "Go". When our friends the Chances were at Archie's orphanage meeting their son Joel, they let us know that Archie actually went by the name, "Gogo". (And that there was good reason for the nickname which was reflective of his personality....we totally understand that now).

After the first trip, I wasn't sure what would end up happening with his name. I knew that I wanted to keep Georgie as his first name. His birthmother chose that name for him, and I did not want to take it away.

I wondered though, would he want to be Archie? Would he want a new name?
One little pint-sized princess was quite adamant that he was Archie. I asked her what she thought about keeping his name Gogo.
She cried.
He was her Archie.

So I thought, alright we will see what happens when he comes home.

Within days after coming home, this boy was introducing himself as Archie. He was ecstatic to be Archie. Maybe being in a brand new world, with a family of his own, with a whole new life, he wanted a new name to go along with it.

The name Archibald means "truly bold".
And this boy is just that.

We love you, sweet Archie Bear. To the moon and back. And back again.

Lots of Love!


Mandy said...

Love it! Our kids chose the boys' names, too. Although, I do think we'll be calling Joseph by his Bulgarian name for awhile when he comes home.

Julie said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to see your little boy and the beautiful life he is having. Several years ago I asked to be a prayer partner through Reece's Rainbow. Your little boy's picture was sent to me and has been on my fridge ever since for our family to pray for him. I thank God for your step in faith and your gift of a family for him (an answer to our prayers)!! God bless you - Julie in VA (mom to 6, 2 adopted from Ethiopia). Merry Christmas!!

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