Bus Boy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today was another big first for Archie. Riding the bus to school! He was so incredibly excited and we talked all last night at bedtime about how he was going to get to ride the bus in the morning. He couldn't wait.

The bus arrives to pick him up just a few minutes after 7. This makes for an earlier than usual morning for us. Archie has been so incredibly tired after school. His little body is just still trying to adjust to these long days. Ace has also been forced to wake up earlier, so she is also exhausted by the end of the day. This has been making for some very early nights-- they have been going to sleep around 6:30 every night. (which is very strange and different to us, and really a whole other post)

So anyway, we walk out of the apartment right at 7 and head down to wait for the bus. It was dark and cold. The bus was already there when we got to the stop and everything happened so fast. Normally before I leave Archie anywhere, I kneel down and look him the eyes, explain to him where he is going, and that I will see him very soon.

There was no time for that. The bus stops on a pretty busy street, and the traffic was building up behind it, so he was whisked onto the bus before I could say a much of anything . He was definitely confused. Maybe he thought that we were going to be getting on with him. He looked back at me and was screaming "toe pack, mommy, toe pack"....which means in Archie language, "be right back". I always tell him, "I will be right back", before he goes anywhere or I go anywhere. Those are his comfort words and it reassures him that he will see me again in just a bit. So I am screaming, "yes, baby, you will be right back!" As the aid on the bus buckled him in, he pressed himself up to the window and was signing "school" to me over and over. He was making sure that was where he was going.

The look on his face completely broke me. I don't know what goes on in his precious little mind. But what if he thought he was being taken away from us. The thought of either of my children ever being scared just kills me.

It also made me so grateful that he is here with us. But it broke my heart for those orphans who are not so lucky. Who will one day be put in a van and driven away, leaving behind their orphanage and taken to a horrific place tucked away in a remote village so everyone can just pretend it doesn't exist. I thank God every day that Archie never had to take that ride.

Ace rubbed my back and kissed my cheek as we walked back to the apartment. My intuitive little princess. She promised me that Archie was going to have fun on the bus.

Turns out she was right!

We couldn't wait for 3:40 to roll around. Ace and I sat outside and waited anxiously for the bus.

I was so happy when I saw his smiling face!

He of course had to do a little dance for his bus driver before he made his exit..

"Whoa. Hey mom...long day"

I love the bus!

Racing home....

He tries so hard to keep up with his sister.

There really is no place like home.

Lots of Love!


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Mandy said...

Aww...this broke my heart a little, Lisa. I'm so glad he was happy getting off the bus. There really is no place like home :)

Jonana said...

Bless his (and your) heart! I could see this coming as you were saying that you didn't get to tell him what you usually tell him when you leave him. I can't imagine what that felt like for you.

JuliAnna said...

I am SO happy to see Archie doing so well! Love that smile of his and we definitely miss it around The Arbor:) I'm also thrilled that you got him into Kindergarten class - way to go! Can't wait to see where the rest of this year takes him.

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