Monday, January 9, 2012

LOVES Kindergarten!

Archie had a great first day. He is so happy and just keeps telling me, "Mommy, Archie work. Archie listen to teacher." He is quite proud of himself.

Of course I am sure he was quite a handful for the teachers. It will definitely take time for him to settle into this new environment. He is VERY high energy already, but even more so when things are new to him.

It is also a very long day for him. He came home from school one tired boy.

That is his preferred way to watch movies on the IPad (nose to screen). I don't always allow it, but made an exception today.

Little sister has had a long day too. As I said, this will be a major adjustment for all of us!

Thanks for all of your prayers, support, and encouragement.

We are BLESSED!!
Lots of Love!


Mandy said...

Ace is disgruntled, cause she'd like to see the movie, too. Move your face, Archie :) That photo made me laugh and I needed it. Thanks for sharing. So glad he's loving school!

Suzanne said...

Melts my heart every time, there is so much of Madden I see in Ace -its just so bizarre to see such similarities...what a precious family!
Suz and Clay

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