Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disclaimer: This is a post about hair. That is all. It will likely be painfully boring to most of you. It is funny to us.
Also, this post was written with Joey's full consent.

Archie has a pretty strong obsession with doing people's hair. Ace will sometimes let him wash her hair, and more often than that he pretends to wash her hair. He loves to brush hair, blow dry hair, play with hair, simply run his fingers through hair. His favorite Christmas gift wasn't even one that was intended for him. My sister got Ace this, well, this head thing. I guess she has an upper body too. Anyway, it's a tad bit creepy if you ask me. It came with clips, extensions, a brush, a blow dryer, the whole nine yards.
We could not get Archie away from that sucker on Christmas morning. Turns out it was the perfect gift for him.

He is very serious when he is working on her hair. He could literally sit for hours-- alone with the head and a brush-- and be in absolute heaven.

So the other day, when Joey underwent a series of unfortunate haircuts, Archie could not have been happier. It all started the other morning when Joey decided it was time for a haircut. He has never been able to find anyone who cuts his hair just right, so he is always trying out different places. So he thought he would go to this new barber shop nearby. This was the first mistake. He called me afterwards and said, "I'm not sure about this haircut, the guy had to put a ton of gel in it to hold the sides down." For one thing, Joey will never be one to put gel in his hair, so I knew this couldn't be good. I asked him to text me a picture, and sure enough, it wasn't good. Joey's hair is so straight and fine, that if it gets too short, it will stick straight out. That's what was happening. So, he went back to the guy to ask him to shave the sides down a little more, in the hopes to make it look a little less clownish. It didn't help. So off to trusty old Visible Changes he went, in the hopes that what was left of his hair could be salvaged.

It couldn't.

When he got home I told him, "Oh babe, it looks good...yeah, you look great!"

But then as time passed, and I tried to look into his eyes during our conversation, I couldn't focus. The guy had a legit flat top. I just couldn't handle it. I tried not to laugh. But, there was no hope. Have you ever seen the movie Me, Myself and Irene? All I could think about was Jim Carrey in that movie.

Told you so.

So the clippers came out. And Archie could not have been happier-- He got to do the honors.

Ace got in on it a little bit, but under Archie's close and strict supervision

After Daddy's flat top was gone, Archie begged for me to shave off his hair. I couldn't bring myself to shaving it all off, but I had to do something!
So he ended up with a sweet fauxhawk. It's pretty close to being an actual mohawk.

He feels very cool

Freshly shorn dudes giving eskimo kisses.

Ace and her boys.

Good times.
Lots of Love!


whitney runyon said...

oh my gosh...i LOVE this...and next time i stay with you guys i give Archie full permission to brush/play with my head...for the entire night ;)

alicia said...

not boring at all!
my boy loves playing to cut/comb hair too! he is 7. and Eva loves it too, and i know this hair love is because of her because when she came home the only thing she could play with was with a doll and combing her hair, it was the only thing she could do sitted for more than 10 minutes

Heather said...

Could your family be any cuter?!

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