Six Months Home

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today marks six months since the day our son came home.

Six months since my stomach was in knots as I waited for what felt like forever for Joey and Archie to come through those doors. (Our "welcome home" crew was just the seven of us over there on the right)
But Archie was sure the entire airport was there to welcome him
Six months ago today, I held my son for the first time outside of his orphanage- After four excruciatingly painful months of missing him and waiting for him to come home.

Six months ago today, a sister finally got to hug her big brother again.

Six months ago today, a little boy changed a lot of lives in a big way.

From abandoned orphan to beloved son

Right where he belongs.

Archie has grown and changed so much since that day. I really cannot believe that it has only been six months. It really does feel like he has been with us forever- I know I say that a lot- but it is true. It is just so right.

Here are some things about Archie:

He has insanely good manners. Always says please, thank you, and bless you if he hears someone sneeze. And he says these things until the other person acknowledges that he said it.

His favorite colors are pink and purple. Everyday he asks to wear either a pink or purple shirt. (Here he is in a pink shirt and purple socks...oh, happy day). And he is also obsessed with music and instruments.

His love for his sister blows me away. If he gets hurt, he wants her. He asks for Ace to kiss his boo boos, and it isn't better until she does. And she loves him the same. In conversation she calls him, "my brother." She loves to say that. If she wakes up in the morning and Archie is not there, she asks me, "mom, where's my brother?"

A while back, Ace got her school pictures, and Archie took one and ran to his bedroom and held it to his wall right by his bed and asked me, "mommy, please, here." So I taped it up there. He was quite pleased.

Since then they have moved into the same room and are VERY happy about that.

He loves to play make believe. He and Ace play "school", which takes place in Daddy's closet. Just the other day they were pretending they were going to school. Archie yelled to Ace from the closet, "hurry, Ace, bus waiting!"

Last week, I was on the phone with my mom, and she told me she wasn't feeling great. At the end of the conversation I said "I hope you feel better." When I hung up the phone, Archie asked, "Mommy, Mimi's tummy hurt?" I said, "Yeah, buddy, it does", to which he replied "Oh, no!" (In a really cute dramatically sad voice).
He is extremely intuitive and sympathetic. I love that about him. He does not like to see other people sad or hurt.

His English is incredible. People are always so surprised when they hear him speak. Everyone asks me if he knew English before he came here...Nope- not a lick.

I do have to translate for him often-- Not that he isn't speaking English, but his speech is not perfect, and sometimes he doesn't say exactly what he means.
Here are a few common ones:

"show me"= watch me or look at me

"toe pack"= be right back

"May I please have let's go"= Can we please go somewhere

"May I please have scuse me"= Could you please get out of my way

"May I please have croney cheese"= May I please have macaroni and cheese

He also picks up signs very quickly. I don't even know how many he knows at this point, but it is a lot. If he is having trouble communicating something to me, he will either sign it, or if he doesn't know the sign, he will make up his own to get the point across. Here he is in the shower signing "fun" to me.

He reminds us to pray before every meal--even snacks--always keeping us in check. He loves to say the blessing.

And while he is usually laughing, sometimes this happens.......
Yes, people, believe it or not, the boy does cry.

Can't wait to see what the next six months has in store for our little man!

Oh yeah, and a quick school update. My last post was a downer-- things were not going well for Archie in school. I am happy to report that with some new plans in place things have been going great! I will go into more detail in another post...but last week he had a fantastic week, and I think things are going to only continue to get better. Such a huge weight has been lifted off of me and I am so happy! We all are!

Lots of Love!


Kelly said...

Yay! Can't believe it has been six months. That little man has blessed us all tremendously. Love what he did with Ace's pictures. You must have just melted. So sweet.


Kelly G

Renee Shuman-Powell said...

So glad to hear that the school week went better!

Unknown said...

how beautiful! just found you and loving that story. ihave just coeback from E Europe myself...unfortunatly not with a beautiful child like your little man (impossible from the UK) but i did meet my littlegirl i was a warrior for and supported her mama for a week as she adopted her!

i then travelled acrossland to the remote institution to find my new child i advocate for... Bobby! boy what a trip!

i love your heart and your children are just precious xxx

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