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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So last Wednesday, on World Down Syndrome Day, I shared a video that Ace and I made for Archie. Ace worked super hard on this video and was really excited about the finished product. It will be something that Archie can watch in a few years when he really understands, and know just how much his sister loves him.

I had never edited or created a video before, but had a ton of fun doing it. It is one of those things that could easily become addicting.

When we shared the video, we thought it would just be a cute deal for friends and family to see, but pretty quickly, a lot of people were watching and sharing it. It was quite a humbling feeling to read all of the incredibly nice comments and see all of the people sharing.

The next morning I had an email with the subject: MEDIA REQUEST: "For My Brother on Down Syndrome Day" By Ace
It said:
Hi there!
Just saw your incredible video of "For My Brother on Down Syndrome Day" By Ace. We would love to use it on our new TV show/website called "Right This Minute" and wondered if that's cool with you. I assume that it's Ace's parents that I'm addressing--we need your permission for Ace and her brother to appear on television, as they are minors.
Let me know. Thanks so much.

I was pretty weirded out. A good weirded out. I figured why not spread Ace's message to as many people as possible. Her voice seemed to be being heard. Anything we can do to spread awareness about adoption, Down Syndrome, or just equality in general, we are happy to do.

So what I thought was going to happen was just that they would share our video on their site. But it turned out they actually wanted to interview us also. I immediately felt pretty uncomfortable as I am super awkward in those types of situations, but agreed to do it. So a little while later Ace and I did a Skype interview with the people over at Right This Minute. They were so cool, and it was not as scary as I had anticipated. Ace, of course, loved it!

So here is the link to our little segment on Right This Minute:

If you have not seen the full video, check it out in my previous post.

Lots of Love!


Susan said...

I told you it should be on t.v.!! So exciting:)

Susan from Boston:)

Lisa said...

LOL! Thanks Susan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! :D

Hi, I'm Alysha -But you can call me Lysh said...

How awesome, Lisa! I agree with them...totally news sharing worthy :D Ace, your just to cute and I bet Gods got some big plans ahead for using you!

Jessica said...

LISA!!!!! That's awesome! So glad you guys got to do this!

Magie said...

Archie is stealing hearts of everyone that meet him...he is a sweet..sweet boy!!! I'm am blessed to have him in my class!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
The original youtube video is viral among my Facebook friends - that's how I first saw it. I wondered if you had a blog and was thrilled to find out that you did - I spent several hours reading every.single.post - What an amazing family! You are also a fantastic writer, so real and authentic.

I also have been reading "Growing with Grace" (http://ephesians15.blogspot.ca/) which I came across through a Facebook post (gotta love FB!) from a friend. I am absolutely amazed and inspired at what both of your families do to find Forever homes for children with Down Syndrome.

As I begin to plan my own family, I wonder if stumbling upon these sites is coincidental, or a sign from above that this may be a path that my husband and I should explore further.

Thank you again for inviting us into the process. Much love to your family!

Expat-Mom (Sarah) said...

Beautiful video and beautiful children! Thank you for sharing with everyone... globally too! Hello from Germany!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since your first post. I watched Ace's video when you first posted it but you are now on most of my FB friends profiles. It makes me smile to know that Ace's message for Archie is getting so much attention. They both did a great job and you should be one proud mama!!!

Shannon said...

Lisa this is so special. I just wanted to check in with you and when I read this post I was so excited for you and proud to know your family, see you soon.
Love Shannon ludlum

Anonymous said...

I just watched your youtube video and I want to thank you... its so beautiful. I have a daughter with special needs (she's 7) and her little sister is 5. I am going to show this to her, as she's a wonderful little-big-sister to our Jilly. Your video showed me a new appreciation to these sweet little souls. Sending love to you and your family. Suzanne from Canada.

Antoinette Musik said...

Lisa I just wanted to tell you how much you and your amazing family have touched and inspired me. I saw the video of your darling little girl talking so fondly of her brother on Down Syndrome Day and I was overcome with emotion. You are truly blessed with the most amazing children. You must be so proud of them both!

This hit very close to home for me, as my aunt who also had Down Syndrome died last year at the age of 73. She had a fabulous life and was loved by so many people.She had the most beautiful spirit and her smile was contagious just like your little boys.

I shared your clip with my whole family who were just has touched as I was.

Thank you so much!

Carol N. said...

Such a lovely video - really! My friend in South Carolina sent me the link (she's a nurse, and knew it would be wonderful for our family to watch).

My son, Aidan is 5, and has Down syndrome. His older brothers watched this video with big smiles on their faces. I also showed it to my education class at the university, as I want young adults to see the love and joy and richness that comes to our families when someone with Down syndrome comes into our lives.

I've always thought Aidan brought the best out in people. Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring video....it makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Such an inspiring video! It's so wonderful that your message is being shared with others. You are an amazing mama with amazing kids!

Dawneen at Seguin Services said...

Thank you so much Ace, Archie, and Lisa for your video! I work for a social service agency outside Chicago that serves 600 children and adults with developmental disabilites. Your video was forwarded to me by one of our parents. Thanks for your message of love that spills out in your video, your writing and your children.

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