Spring Break 2012: Go Hard or Go Home

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Every night this week before Ace has gone to sleep we have had a conversation that goes like this:
Ace: Mom, is tomorrow still Spring Break?
Me: Yes, sweetie, it sure is.
Ace: Wahhoooo, Spring Break!!

Excuse me, aren't you three?

It has been pretty wild. Not Spring Break '02 Cancun Style.

But we have been having a blast.

The kids broke in our new pool. We are pretty excited about having a pool right outside our door. Archie has been begging to go swimming since the day we moved in here in October.
The original plan was to let them dangle their feet in. (It was pretty cool out)
But before long they had stripped down and were all the way in.
Next we were on our way with our good friends', the Settles, to San Antonio. Jake is one of Ace and Archie's best friends. And quite the little Romeo I might add. I overheard this convo between Jake and Ace:
Jake: We're friends, right?
Ace: Yeah
Jake: Then we should kiss

Three Amigos!
My kids were in heaven at this amazing heated indoor pool.

We got this awesome new digital camera. An Olympus Stylus Tough. It is basically indestructible. And waterproof. We had so much fun with it.
Since neither of our kids would go under water well enough for us to snap a good shot...
We borrowed this kid. Thanks, dude.
Isn't that pretty dang sweet. A camera that is waterproof, and Archie proof. Can't beat that.

The next day it was off to Sea World!

We met Shamu

In front of the Sea Lions

Hangin with new friends
Ace and Abby

Archie is extremely afraid of anything in costume. He stood way back for a long time just staring at them and every once in a while shouting "no thank you!" at them. (Meaning "stay away from me") Then finally he told me he wanted to shake Grover's hand. He walked up to him, stuck out his hand and said, "nice to meet you!"

And after the handshake he went in for a big hug

We fed dolphins
Well, hello there
Unfortunately the weather wasn't too nice to us. It was cold and rainy. But we still had the best time and the kids were such troopers.

Back in Houston....headed to the Rodeo!
Ace and Archie decided to wear their Woody and Jessie jammies.
Happy little cowboy!
About to get on a little kiddie roller coaster. I was shocked that Archie wanted to go on it.
Once it came time to actually get on, he flipped out. So he and daddy watched from the ground where he was very happy to be.
Then we headed to play one of those shoot-the-water-at-the-target race games.
We won.
And we were stuck with a giant minion.
Not the easiest thing to lug around the rodeo.
We have never gone through $20 faster in our lives than at that carnival.
Here is what we did for 20 bucks: Me and Ace road a kiddie coaster. Ace and Archie played the water shooting game. That is all.
That was one expensive oversized minion.

Archie: Mommy, mommy, Archie touch COW!!!!
Ace road a pony.
Archie almost rode a pony, but again, had a panic attack when it was time to get on. Wasn't gonna happen.

What could be better?

This will be a tough Spring Break to top next year!

Lots of Love!


Anonymous said...

The picture of Archie touching cow is my favorite! And I can't believe he hugged a mascot! Good for him! :)

Anonymous said...

I came upon this blog while watching the video "For my brother on Downsyndrome Day.'' You have a beautiful family and both Ace and Archie are so blessed to have such inspirational parents!

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