The Big Kid Conundrum

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last Fall, we made the decision to move from our little house with a big yard, into an apartment so that Archie could go to the best school.

 I was super bummed to be leaving this......




and this.....

But of course we were going to do whatever was best for our kids, and moving was it. I quickly realized that apartment living came with a lot of great benefits. 

We traded all of those things in for this.....

and even better, this....

Built in friends. 

Ace and Archie pretty much know every single young person who lives in our complex. They have become especially close to a group of girls. The "big kids" as they are best known in our home. Ace and Archie both just call them all "friend". I will hear them outside yelling, "hey friend, what are you doing?" or "hey friend, come and play with us!" Pretty much every day for the past few weeks my kids have been playing with the big kids. From the time everyone is home from school, to the time I force them to come in and eat dinner and get ready for bed. The girls are so great with them, and they really love them so much. Ace and Archie are both just in absolute heaven when they are playing with their friends. Plus, it gives me a chance to sit down and not be the entertainer for a while. They thoroughly enjoy entertaining my kids. Win-win. Everyone is happy, right?

I am beginning to wonder though if Ace is starting to think she is much older than she is. She has always acted older than her age....and I always joke that she is three going on seventeen. But there have been moments in the past few weeks where she literally has acted like a teenager.

The other day, Ace and some girls wanted to go around the complex trying to sell things. When I wouldn't let them take any of my food, drinks, or household items to sell, they decided they would draw pictures and try to sell them. So they made about ten pictures and went on to try and make their first sale. It was a success, they sold one to my neighbor for a dollar, and then revealed to him that it was actually "buy one get one free day". He was thrilled.

After that I told Ace that it was really time to come inside and get ready for bed. She begged me to stay with her friends and go and sell some more. I had the pictures all in my hand at this point, and I explained to her that families were eating dinner and getting ready for bed, and it wasn't nice to go knocking on their doors at that time. She said "okay fine, well then can I just hold the pictures." I said sure, handed her the pictures, and she walked outside our door to where her friends were. I heard her say to them, "hey friends, come here I have to tell you something..." I peeked around the corner to see what was going on. She whispered something to both of them and they said "okay" and started walking off. I stepped outside and said "whoa, whoa, where are y'all going?" One of the girls started to say, "she said she wants to go sell....." Ace quickly interrupted her, "I told you not to tell her..." Then she said two words that completely shocked me. She yelled to the girls, "JUST RUN!" and took off sprinting down the stairs, crayon drawings in hand. 

Are you kidding me? Keep in mind this kid is not even four years old. I couldn't help but crack up as silently as possible. It was seriously one of the funniest things I had ever witnessed. Hilarious, and also completely defiant. As I shouted all sorts of threats at her through my suppressed laughter, she continued to make a getaway. I don't remember which threat finally got her to turn around, but she came  back. I started to go into lecture and scold mode and she just looked at me and said, "yeah, yeah mom okay, I'm not going." In a super "cool", like "whatever, Mom" voice. 

 Joey and I are officially questioning the amount of time she is spending with the "big kids". And then there is also the issue of our place having become their headquarters. Many nights we are feeding several more kids than just our own. Which is fine....every once in a while. 

Here they are a couple nights ago eating pizza on our stairs outside.

Sweet baby Ace, stop trying to grow up so fast. 

For your viewing pleasure, I will leave you with a clip of Archie doin his thang while waiting in line at his school festival. If there is music playing, this boy's hips will be moving. 

Lots of Love!


Pooja said...

Hey Lisa! I somehow stumbled upon your stellar youtube videos. Your kids are absolutely precious, and a ray of sunshine. I'm sure you've heard this a plenty of times I thought I'd just be the billionth lol. I was really touched by the story of Archie and Ace is a absolutely inspiring sister. I wish my brother and I were as close as they are and had half the relationship they have, definately should win sibilings of the centuary!! I'm currently in college but I have this strong urge to adopt a child one day. I'm not sure if this will ever happen but it's a dream I'm not losing as of now. I'm thankful for you putting the reece's rainbow adoption ministry I was so moved by the sweet faces that are waiting for families. A part of me wishes I could take all those angels as my own child which wouldn't be realistic :(. I'm sure this has crossed many people's mind, I'm slightly a idealistic aha. I know god probably has a plan for each one of them to be with a lovable family at some point!! Thank you for sharing your story and giving me something to smile about!!
Btw Archie and Ace have some bonafide dance moves. I do some bollywood dancing but nothing can come close to their amazing grooving!!

Sending lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Ace and Archie!

I should be getting dressed and rushing to my appointments this morning but I put on the brakes to watch your update! I'm in your corner because I love your story and I have a little person w/ DS of my very own to watch over :)

Archie you're a great dancer and Ace you are wicked smat! Let's play one day this summer! Noah's Ark anyone, Kick ball-ish at the park with picnic?

Lisa, did you find a new school for Archie? Email me, Im interested in making plans for my Haley. She's at Rise but I'm a planner and want to pick her elementary school asap. If God doesn't bless my plan, I KNOW he'll change it :)

My hubby and I have talked about moving into an apartment to be in a better school district as well. I know that wasn't easy for you. God bless you with happiness and contentment.

You are a good Mommy!!

Jackie Andrews, Mom to Haley (25mos)
R.I.S.E. and the other Rise too.
facebook friends :)

Anonymous said...

whatz up............

Susan said...

Hi Lisa,

I love your beautiful children:) I swear there is a t.v. future for them! "Life According to Archie and Ace". I have posted several of your youtube videos on my fb page to share with my friends and family. I think your family is an inspiration:) I am hoping it will get more people thinking about adoption. My husband and I adopted both of our daughters. They are both teenagers now:) I swear if I was younger I would adopt a child with ds. I work with children with ds as an Early Intervention Specialist and my nephew has the extra love gene too!

Your family is amazing.....

Susan from Boston

Amy D. said...

Hi Lisa!

Caught up with your stories today during lunch. The "JUST RUN" made me belly laugh! Love seeing y'all at church - your family is so Jesus-filled.

Love to you and your precious family!
Amy Delgado

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