One Year Ago

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exactly one year ago this week, we were in Bulgaria meeting our son.

I can remember so vividly the feelings that completely took over my entire being as we walked into Archie's orphanage. The only home he had ever known.

This is me wanting to puke from nervousness. Don't worry, I held it together.

We were taken straight into a little office where a doctor read some general information about Archie. We had no idea what she was saying, and my mind was racing way too fast to absorb our translator's words.

Then it was finally time. And when he came running towards us down that hallway, tripping over his own feet, I knew that God had brought us to our son.

Any fears, any doubts were quickly cast away when I looked into his eyes that very first time.

I have never seen as PURE a joy as I saw in Ace as she met her brother and best friend.

She literally jumped up and down the entire time. There was no containing her excitement.
"Rejoice in that day and leap for joy..." Luke 6:23

We couldn't believe this treasure that we had been given. I just kept thinking, "are you kidding me? This incredible, hilarious, smart, indescribably awesome child has been tucked away in this orphanage for his entire seven years of life?"

Such a sweet boy who loved and cared for his friends so very much.

Always wanting to be their protector.

A little ham

And entertainer

As big a goofball as his Daddy.

This week a year ago, was one of the greatest and hardest weeks of our lives. We finally had our son in our arms.

But then we had to leave him.

I explained to him in broken Bulgarian that we would be back soon.

I told him that I loved him so much.

And he told me "la la loo, mama"

So thankful today that I get to hear that sweet voice telling me he loves me and calling me mommy every single day.

Lots of Love!


Diane said...

What a blessing to see your sweet boy as he met you for the very first time! I cried as I watched it. Seeing the pictures of him with his friends brought tears too. What a precious little guy he is!

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing the memories, and thank you so much for the video you made for March 21st. I was telling a new acquaintance about how we will be bringing home our Bulgarian son Nikola who has Down syndrome in two weeks, and she mentioned your video. I have watched it over and over since then with tears in my eyes, and the song is constantly playing in my head and heart. We have 3 kids at home already (all under 6), and this is our first adoption. Every day we pray for love between the members of our family. May God give them a love like Ace and Archie have. Thank you again!

Eleven and Heaven said...

What a special memory!!

Carol N. said...

Thank you for sharing - there is so much love and heart in your video. I have shared it with my university students who really appreciated Ace's sentiment. Take good care.


Allie Garcia said...

you guys are such a rad family! i found your blog through ace's down syndrome video- and have read every entry since. im a special education teacher and my husband and i are passionate about adoption- it has been such a blessing to read your story. archie and ace are the cutest!

Natalie O. said...

Your video of Ace and Archie just melts my heart. What an inspiring and beautiful family you have!! May God bless you all!!!! <3

Christy Campbell said...

I just found your blog! Love that Archie now has a home and family that loves him. I am starting the adoption process and am so excited. Very much the early stages. How are things going? It has been a year of challenges I am sure. I can imagine the adjustments that have been made, but I know the joy will out weigh it.

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