Monster Talk

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My favorite thing in the world to do is listen in on Ace and Archie talking. Archie is now able to have real conversations. When he first came home, and for a long time, Ace would just bark some orders at Archie and he would respond, "okay, Ace", and go along with whatever she was trying to get him to do. Now he is having full on conversations and is understanding everything. It is incredible. And their conversations are hilarious. 

They have also both been trying to get dressed by themselves every day, with no help from me. In fact, I am asked to wait outside of their room, and most of the time I even have to close my eyes upon the big reveal. They are so proud of themselves when they successfully get their clothes on. 

So this morning I stood outside of their door and listened in on them. My mom got them both a bunch of these really cool animal socks. They are "easy-up" socks. There are little hooks on the sides so that they can easily get them on without help. They like to mix and match animals. 

Here was their conversation regarding sock choice this morning: 
(Ace is in pink, Archie's in blue)

Okay, so we've got one pig for me, and one pig for you. 
Now, let's see, there's a bunny and a puppy. May I please have the puppy?
No, Ace, I need puppy.
But Archie, I really wanted the puppy.
No, Ace, I need puppy.
Okay fine. 
(They proceed to put on socks)
Man, I really wanted the puppy. (in a super pouty voice)
Sorry, Ace. 
That makes me sad.
It does?
What da heck? 
(Ace coughs)
You okay, Ace?
Where's Mommy?
Let's go find her.
Okay, Ace.

The final results

Dream Big, Little Monsters!

Lots of Love!


Eleven and Heaven said...

Lisa your two children bring a smile to my day! What amazing little ones they are!!

Amber said...

EZ Sox! We love them. They actually donated several pairs to my giveaway for Konner 15H.

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