Princess and T-Rex

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our family has officially grown again! We have two new babies.

 Introducing Princess and T-Rex

Their official names, given by Ace, are Princess Dora Eicher and T-Rex Dinosaur Eicher

Ace and Archie could not be happier. 

For a long time, Ace had been saying she wanted a Guinea Pig. We took frequent trips to the pet store to look at Guinea Pigs. I would hold one and she would pet it. But she seemed a little skeptical each time. So the last time we were in the pet store, the lady who worked there showed us some mice. They are called Spiny Mice. We took one out and I held it and it was so sweet. I asked Ace if she wanted to hold it, and much to my surprise she said yes. She stuck out her hand and I set the mouse in them. The mouse started to run up her arm and Ace freaked. She started crying and hugging my mom's legs. So I thought the mice were not happening. Maybe another year.......

But then when we left the store I asked her if she liked the mouse, and she said yes, she told me that she loved him. I asked her why she cried when she held him and she said, "No, I cried because I liked him, that means I like him. And also I cried because I just wanted to hug you and Mimi."
Ohhhh...that made sense. 

So the next day Mimi went and got 2 mice and a sweet set up for them to give the kids for their birthdays. 

 I thought Archie was going to be so freaked out. This is a kid who cries when his sister puts a doodle bug near him. He is afraid of most living things that are not people.

I was shocked when he was immediately reaching his hand into the cage trying to pet them. He was a little bit hesitant at first and preferred to just look at them closely while I held them in my hand.....

But before long.....I couldn't get them out of his hands. 

He loves to give them kisses.

And Ace is so good with them. 

She is in heaven

Not too sure about T-Rex kissing her ear...

She has been working with them on some tricks. Here she is "training" Princess to do a 360 on the wheel. It is hilarious. They start running really fast on the wheel and then stop and hang on and they go all the way around. Ace totally believes that she taught them how to do it. Notice her in the background with her arms up....she was moving her hands in circles and told me, "Mom, that's the sign for 'do a flip'".

One of them climbed up on Archie's head. He was CRACKING UP. 

Oh the joy of having your very own pet. 

These mice are seriously awesome. If you have little kids who are wanting a pet, spiny mice are the way to go. They do not bite, and they don't have sharp claws at all. They love to be held and play. They are super sweet. 


Lots of Love!


Gesci said...

I love this! I grew up with various rodents: gerbils, hamsters, mice, etc. and even had two rabbits (one at a time). In college, my boyfriend (now husband) and I got a pet rat- and that's something to keep in mind after T-Rex and Princess go to the big wheel in the sky... rats are really great, rarely bite, easily trainable (for real!), and live longer than mice... ours was a bit over three when she developed some lymphoma tumors. She was a Siamese, and had red eyes, but otherwise was absolutely adorable- hooded rats are great, too! I can't wait to hear about more adventures with the mice, and see more "tricks"!!

Bob said...

I love rodents! Over the years my kids have had I don't know how many rats, guinea pigs, russian dwarf hamsters, and gerbils. My youngest daughter has also tamed most of the chipmunks that live outside in our yard and has them eating out of her hand. The newest residents of our yard are a mama woodchuck and her two little babies who come to eat the seeds that fall on the ground underneath the bird feeder. They're a lot of fun to watch.

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