Why I Love Bedtime

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For a long time at our house, bedtime was full of many battles. I hated bedtime so much, and Joey and I would switch off nights getting the kids ready for bed and getting them down. Immediately after dinner each night, I would think about who had "bedtime duty" the night before. If I realized it was my night, my reaction (in my head, of course) was "dangit". And if it was Joey's night, my reaction was, "YES!" A couple of weeks ago, I had a "dangit" moment, when I thought....what the heck...why does bedtime have to be so dreaded. Why are we constantly battling with the kids, trying to force them to close their eyes, threatening to get rid of all of their most prized possessions if they requested one more sip of juice or trip to the bathroom. I hated going to bed frustrated with them. But even more so, I hated them falling asleep knowing I was frustrated with them.

So one night I just gave up the battle. The truth is, bedtime is their funniest time. They get all slaphappy and crazy. They crack each other up and say the most random, hilarious things. Why was I suppressing that so much? So I threw up my white flag and we have made bedtime fun. In fact, it is probably my favorite part of most days. Ace and Archie dance around singing made up songs being absolutely ridiculous. They either take an insanely long bubble bath, or I swipe a wet paper towel across their grimy little faces. They either brush their teeth for two rounds of Raffi's "Brush Your Teeth" song, or hardly scrape the bristles to a tooth. We either read three Dr. Seuss books two times each, or the first four pages of Goodnight Moon. They are either fast asleep by 6 or 9. Either way, there are no battles. No scary mom nanoseconds away from flying completely off the handle. I know many would say that we need a more steady routine at night, and I tried that whole deal. Didn't work. This works for us. This is our routine. 

Their laughter is by far the most joyful noise in the world to me. I have tried to get some good hidden videos of them pre-bed during full on slaphappy mode, but Ace always catches me. So I turned on my video while we were laying in bed trying to go to sleep so that I could at least capture their little voices. 
Every night, I sing "Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary", over and over and over until they finally fall asleep. This was after about twenty-six rounds.
And as an added bonus you get a little taste of the angelic voice they have the pleasure of falling asleep to every night. (Totally kidding, please disregard my singing). Although, most nights I get pretty into and really convince myself that I sound good. This is proof that I am totally wrong.

Notice Ace towards the end in the background quietly saying "Apple Juice". She was trying to send me a subliminal message. I didn't fall for it. They were asleep within about two minutes of this video.

Lots of Love!