Slide, Slide, Slippity Slide

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A glimpse into my Google "Recent Searches":
"How to build a raft"
"Float down Buffalo Bayou"
"Blow stuff up"
"Blow stuff up with kids"
"Blow stuff up safely"
"Giant homemade slip-n-slide"
"Slip-n-slide without water"

I wasn't convinced with anything I was finding from the "blowing stuff up" searches (although it was bringing back some awesome memories of my teenage pyromaniac days). The final decision of what our next adventure would be was left up to the little monsters. So a giant slip-n-slide it was. 

On our hike last week we walked back through this giant field with steep hills on all four sides. I immediately thought that a slip-n-slide down one of those hills would be so sweet. Problem was there was no water source close by, but I was going to figure out a way to make it work. The majority of what I could find said "lots of baby oil". So off to King Dollar we went to buy out their baby oil stock. Then we headed to Home Depot where we got a giant plastic roll. 10 feet by 100 feet. Humongous. 

We headed to the field at about 5:30, ready to go. Only to find this when we pulled up....

A freaking football practice going on right in the middle of our field. Bummer. 

This had become a bit of a covert operation as I noticed a vague sign, and wasn't completely clear on what it meant.......

Did this mean no humongous homemade baby oil powered slip-n-slides? Or were we cool?

Either way we had to wait until the Little Giants evacuated the field before we could roll out the slide. So we watched and waited. Pantlessly of course. 

That darn practice lasted way longer than we had anticipated and it was dark by the time they finally got out of there. But I had promised a slip-n-slide and it was going to happen. Even if it meant having to stay up a little past bedtime. 

The lack of light made more difficult to document. But here's a look.

We lathered that baby up and were ready to go. 

And we went FLYING. 

At one point, a sneaky sneaky man came over to the corner of the parking lot right by where we were. He seemed very suspicious and we were all hiding and trying to figure out what the heck he was going to do. Then he walked around his car with a cage-like thing, and tossed something out of it. Seconds later a freaky little possum scurried right by us. 

We kept on sliding while he observed the excitement. 

Here is a look at the real action. These videos don't seem to capture just how fast we were flying down. 

Oh and thanks to my awesome husband for capturing these moments. Especially for the artsy zoom in shot of the Baby Oil bottle at the end. Classic. 

In this one I underestimated how fast I was going to go and I almost slam Archie. I didn't. But I almost did. 

In the end, we were the greasiest greaseballs I have ever seen. And I would say that was the most fun night of the kid's lives to date. Probably mine too. I am realizing now more than ever just how blessed I am to be this pair's mom. 

I am also realizing that I need a lot less than I thought I did. 
"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify." -Henry David Thoreau 

Lots of Love!


Kristin Huffman said...

They (and you) will never forget it!!! So great!

Hi, I'm Alysha -But you can call me Lysh said...

Loved it! You guys are classic

mex said...

That is so much fun!!! Great memories!!!

Gesci said...

This is the best covert operation I've EVER heard of- midnight slip-n-slide rendezvous! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This looks right up your alley - Nancy posted it on Facebook awhile back:

Devour the words said...

HI there. I found your bog via your youtube video (which I found on pinterest). I fell in love with those two kiddos of yours. But also your story, your honesty, and just the way you write. So I ended up spending a few hours reading your blog back until when you got Archie. (My daughter is 8 but has the same birth date June 10 as your wee miss)..

I am inspired by your mission for the Epic childhood. It is so easy to cruise through the day and not go and find adventure.

My all time favourite book is "oh the places you will go" but I had never really thought deeply about the "waiting" place in the book but your post mentioning made so much sense.. Made me think about it more.

I love that I have read that book so many times yet still was able to see it in a different light.



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