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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I really don't like blogging about blogging. Lame. (Unless of course you are a blog about blogging. Then blog on.) What the blog? Bloggity blog blog blog. Do you ever say a word so many times that it starts sounding so dang weird and you begin to question whether it is even really a word? That just happened.

So I have been trying to navigate this whole new journey that I am on, and that I am taking my kids on whether they like it or not. I have realized that this is as much of a journey for me as it is for them. An epic parenthood would inevitably lead to an epic childhood. And on the same token, an epic childhood would require epic parents. The two go hand-in-hand.

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy and cliché, I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I knew big changes were happening inside of me when I found myself driving around with the windows down belting out sappy country songs, feeling like I was in a movie. And I have been trying to figure out how my self-exploration could fit into this blog. So Eicherumba will be not only about our "Journey to an Epic Childhood" but parenthood as well.

Social media has really begun to screw parenthood up for me. I believe it adds an insane level of stress, guilt, and anxiety to the lives of many moms. It makes it far too easy to compare yourself to another mom and with the click of a mouse can make one feel they are falling short.

I for one, do my best to avoid winning "Mother of the Year" award. So far I am doing incredibly well. Because I am all for uplifting and supporting other moms, I wanted to create a list of ten things that go on at my house. This way you have a place to come and compare yourself, and leave feeling like a damn good mother.

1. I bathe my kids four times a week if I am lucky.
2. Ace's hair is never brushed. (And please don't attempt to brush it when you see her. Thanks.)
3. Ace had the letter "T" show-and-tell at school about three weeks ago. She brought her toothbrush. She and Archie have been sharing a toothbrush ever since because I keep forgetting to get it out of my purse and am too lazy to go downstairs and get it when it comes time to brush.
4. Both kids often sleep in either what they already had on that day, or what they are going to wear the next day. Saves time and laundry.
5. I rarely read papers that come home from the kids' schools. (Often important ones).
6. I don't cook. Like ever. I get a smug little smirk on my face and an undeserving feeling of pride when I boil some macaroni and cheese and throw some bacon in it.
7. While I have been through phases of trying to cut back, Disney Channel is still my number one babysitter. And I do not see myself firing her any time soon.
8. One of the first things Archie knew how to say when he came home from Bulgaria was "pause". (In request to stop a show when he needed to leave the room for a minute.)
9. Breakfast is most often eaten in the car and usually consists of a few slices of turkey lunchmeat and a string cheese.
10. When Archie drops something, falls down, or stubs his toe, he says "dammit". For a while I was wondering, "where the heck did he learn that?" I was about ready to go all Ralphie's mom on A Christmas Story. Then I stubbed my toe and found out.

So I may not be giving my kids snacks like this....

Be giving their teacher's gifts like this...

Be as organized as this...

Our Elf on a Shelf won't be getting as crazy as this....

(This is about as creative as our Elf gets....)


But for now, my kids are as happy as this...

And that's really all that matters.

Cut yourself some slack.

Lots of Love!


Devour the words said...

thanks for a little mum reality in the world of blogging. :)

We all have a list like that hidden away in the back of our minds don't we.

shantjoy2 said...

Ditto on 1,4,5,6,7,9,&10... & the social media comparison crap. I must repeat over & over "my identity is in Christ, not Facebook."

Suzanne said...

LOVE this!!! Whew...

Our Adoption Story said...

So glad to hear their are other Moms doing it like me! :). #11. I try not to and pray not to, but I do yell at my kids.... Anyone else?

ESolgos said...

A breath of fresh air! Thank you!

Mandy said...

I truly do love you! Baths 4 times a week sounds about right to me :)

Emily S said...

Ha! I always read your blog, but rarely comment because I read it on Google Reader... BUT... I had to come over & say... HILARIOUS!! You crack me up, Lisa. You are doing great- your kids are happy and they know that you love them!


Anonymous said...

Perfect! As the mom of two grown girls (24 and 22) I thank my lucky stars that all this social media did NOT exist while they were growing up. I would have lost my ever lovin' mind seeing all the ways that I just didn't measure up to someone's ideal. Both college graduates, one a full-scholarship Ph.D. candidate - I think we did okay! And I think you will, too! Love your stories, love your kids.

Anonymous said...

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