Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Growing up, my brothers and I were super competitive. Freakishly competitive. We turned everything into a competition, and someone always ended up crying, cussing, punching, or kicking someone else in the end. Or a combination of all four. Our competitions were often shut down because of our over the top intensity. My competitive nature has lessened over the years, but it has not completely gone away. I don't like losing. My brother, Price, hates it even more than I do though.

We can definitely still go at it, especially on the ping pong table. We grew up playing a lot of ping pong and think we are pretty good. We made our mom video us the other day so that we could bask in the glory of our skills.

So here is a little tribute to my sweet baby brother. I am so proud of you for always trying your hardest. I'm sorry that it's just not always quite enough.

(video only slightly edited)

Thanks for standing in the corner for over six minutes to capture this, Mom. 

Lots of Love!


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