update: baby noah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last February I wrote about a new friend of mine, GiGi and her new baby boy, Noah. 

GiGi has become one of my favorite people ever. She's just awesome.

Noah recently underwent surgery. He was born with a complete AV canal defect (not uncommon for our babies with Down syndrome). But he had his little heart all fixed up. I heard from GiGi just yesterday and she let me know that Noah has been progressing very well since surgery. He had been on oxygen since March 25th, but just got off this past Tuesday. (yay!) She is completely over the moon for him and says he is the sweetest little boy. He is still on a feeding tube but is growing and doing great.

Okay, prepare for your hearts to explode from cuteness overload:

So thankful I get to see this little guy grow. 

Lots of Love!


Amber said...

The arm rolls! He is TOO MUCH! :)

mex said...

I just want to squeeze those rolly pollies! My girls were chubby, but he is just divine!

honest company said...

Now Baby dry size 3 is too small for my son, because he grows so fast. In the hot days he will continue to use cooler baby dry, size 4. Hoever when it turns cool or cold in fall or winter, he maybe like other diapers. I think the honest dipers will be good one for him at that time.

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