names: back to the drawing board

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our baby is now nameless. We decided a couple of weeks ago that we weren't really feeling like "Finn" was his name. We loved the name, and thought for sure that would be it, but it just started feeling like it wasn't right for this little guy. We knew we had totally jumped the gun on announcing a name. And we were all, "but we already told everyone it's Finn... and we wrote it on our Eicher Baby gender reveal box and everything..." But what a dumb reason to name our baby a name we didn't actually want to give him. So we are back to the drawing board. And we are all over the place.

I don't remember ever having a hard time naming Ace. We loved the name Audrey and decided pretty quickly that was it. And I always knew I would name my first child after my brother, so no matter what her middle name would be Corbin. So her initials are ACE. She was Audrey for the first year or so, until she went to Mother's Day Out, and her backpack had her initials on them. I explained to her teacher that her name was Audrey, but all of her things say "ACE" because those are her initials, and we sometimes call her that at home. By the second week, her teacher asked me, "would you mind if we just call her 'Ace'. She responds better to that." I told them that was perfectly fine and she has been Ace ever since. And I cannot imagine her being anyone other than Ace.

One year old Ace

Two year old Ace

Choosing a name for Archie was incredibly easy, I didn't even have to think about it because Ace decided on that for us. We seriously never even considered any other names after she told us what his name would be. And he is SUCH an Archie. 

First trip to Bulgaria to meet our Archie

 Home: Requesting that I take his picture while he works on his modeling poses

I have been obsessing over this baby's name and that's not helping. So I have stopped obsessing and I know the right name will fall into our laps at some point. He is starting to really grow and moves around like a mad man. The kids love to lay their heads on my belly while he's kicking and moving. If he kicks them in the face "it means he really loves you."

So for now, our baby is just "baby brother". And I am confident that we will end up with the perfect name for him.

Lots of Love!