radko james

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh hey! It has been a while. We have had quite a bit going on around here with the addition of our new little guy! Wasn't sure when I would find time to write this post. Thanks to "anonymous" for the comment that nudged me back here.

So Radko James Eicher arrived on March 8 at....well, shoot....at sometime in the afternoon. (My brain still doesn't allow me to remember details)

Since he had given me such a rough pregnancy, I was very pleased with him when he made the delivery as easy as could be. He weighed just under 8 pounds. They flopped his little body on my chest and I fell madly in love. He was perfect.

So his name: Radko. As you may know, we were having a hard time deciding on a name. Joey wasn't loving ANY of my ideas. Yet he had no ideas of his own. None whatsoever. (That's so annoying. I mean, if you hate all of my ideas at least throw some of your own out there!) Thanks to everyone who did offer up suggestions-- we had fun looking through all of the names and were so thankful for yalls' help! 

One night I thought, "hmmm, I wonder if there are any cool Bulgarian names that we both might like." (With Archie being from Bulgaria, and Bulgaria being such a huge part of our family, I thought that would be really special.) So I made a list of ten names originating from Bulgaria that I liked. I knew which one was my favorite right away. I gave the list to Joey and asked him to look over it and pick his favorite one. He finally decided on his favorite and I told him that we would say ours at the same time. "So I counted 1, 2, 3...." and we both said "Radko!" We smiled at each other, put the list down, and that was that. Radko he would be. His name means "happy, care, and joy".  And James is my dad's first name. And my dad just happens to be an amazing man and father so we went with that. 
It's one of those names that takes some getting used to, but we LOVE it. And it is so him. Of course he has several nicknames- "Rad", "Koko", "Kokonut". But Archie prefers to call him by his full name. Every single morning he asks me, "Mom, where's Yako Jame?" (He's usually laying right next to me or in my arms...Archie just likes saying his name). Same thing when I drop him off at school. He always has to stand outside the car and yell, "bye, Yako Jame. Luh you!"

Ace and Archie have both really stepped up and been such big little helpers. I knew for sure that Ace was going to be such a little mama. But I wasn't exactly sure how Archie was going to handle it all. Ace was carrying him around the house within days home. She is a natural. 

Archie mostly just observed for a while. And I had to keep reminding him to be more careful with his floppy body, because we now have a small baby in the house. He's not the most observant child, and there have been several times where he has just flopped himself on the bed or couch right on top of Radko. And every time he's shocked, like, "Oh yeah, totally forgot this kid lives here now." And he quickly says, "Oh, sorry, Yako Jame! I didn't mean to." Archie has AMAZED me these last couple of months. He is such a big help. He has some intuition that I didn't see coming. 

The other day, I put Radko in his swing while he was asleep and went to hop in a quick (and ridiculously needed) shower. Of course, the second I got in I heard him start screaming. I turned off the water and was heading that way when it got quiet. I thought, hmmm I guess he fell back asleep. So I continued with my shower, taking my sweet time, listening for his cries as my sign to get out. It was still quiet when I finally got out. I walked into the den and found this:

Archie had gone all on his own into the kitchen and found a bottle that Radko hadn't quite finished. And was feeding him perfectly. He had one hand on his little chest and was gently rubbing it. And he had been doing that for a while. I never told them where the bottle was or to give it to him if he started crying. Nothing. He just on his own went and took care of his baby brother. My heart completely melted in that moment. 

We are starting to get into the swing of things. My bigs' behavior has been better than ever lately which is such a huge help. Because at one point, between Ace's whining and Archie's defiance I had no idea how I was gonna make it through a day. But both have been behaving so well lately, and it makes life so nice. I told Ace the other day, "I am SO proud of your behavior these days." To which she replied, "I know, mom, I have never even had behavior like this before." 

Good times. 
Lots of Love!