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Monday, February 2, 2015

For thirty one years I have lived within the boundaries of about a five mile radius. Five might actually  be a stretch. I never went off to college. I chose to stay home and go to the University of Houston, and live with my parents. A decision I will never regret. Those years own some of my absolute most favorite memories. Most people probably think I stayed behind and didn't venture off because I didn't want to leave Joey who still had a year of high school left. And while, yes, the thought of being miles away from him was not a fun one, I really didn't want to leave my parents or my siblings. I was the kid who could never even go to overnight camp. I tried. It was ugly. {My sincerest apologies to anyone who had to witness that. Damn, that most have been so annoying.}

I was comfortable. And I was afraid of anything unknown. But over the past couple of years Joey and I have talked about moving out of Houston. Adventuring off and being "on our own" so to speak. I never thought it would happen because I was too afraid. Somewhere along the way though, I started to realize it might be something I needed. The first time we visited our friends in Birmingham we thought "this is a place we could be really, really happy". Everything was a little more simple. Slower paced. There were mountains and hills and all sorts of things that made our kids very happy.

We didn't think about actually moving until things at home started to get more complicated. Houston real estate wasn't even something we could look at without having small panic attacks. Trying to find a house zoned to the right school for both Archie and Ace was pretty much impossible. Last year we hit the jackpot when they were able to be transferred to a school with a great program for Archie and also perfect for Ace. Then at the end of the year I got the dreaded phone call that they were shutting down Archie's program. So that was no bueno.

We started doing some "just for fun" searches for houses in Birmingham. And eventually I stumbled upon my dream house. It was just out of our price range at the time, so I chalked it up to a "woulda been nice!" situation. But then a few weeks later the price dropped right into our budget. After lots of discussion and mind changing between me and Joey, we decided to go for it.

Everything started happening very quickly and feeling very surreal. Before I knew it we were on the road, headed east on our new adventure. The kids and I came last week to get them enrolled in school and to be here for closing details. There have been a couple of logistical glitches and we have been all cooped up in a lovely extended stay hotel. If adventure was what  I was looking for, I sure as heck got it. (More on all of the excitement since we have been here which includes several noise complaints thanks to Archie's elephant loud walking, much projectile vomit, sleeping on a bare mattress using towels as covers, to come!)

In spite of all the madness and my insane exhaustion, all is good. The kids are getting settled in their new school and are loving it. Joey has been working out of town but will be joining us in a couple of days....thank you Baby Jesus.  And then we move into our "treehouse in the woods" as Ace likes to describe it. We don't know if we will be here forever. We have no idea what the future will bring our way. For now, we are here and we are excited. (And, of course, I am counting down the days until my mom arrives for a visit in just a couple of weeks). I am homesick. No doubt. But I am also growing and learning a whole lot about myself. And that is good.

For now I will leave you with some pictures and a promise (mostly to my grandma) to keep you regularly updated with all eicherumba happenings.

Living in one tiny hotel room means lots of cuddling

She can quite literally sleep through anything

Late night Target run

Doing what they do best
First day of school
Our new home
Looking out our bedroom window

Here we go!

Lots of love!


Lauren Wolf said...

Oh that house is dreamy! Excited for your new adventure!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, Lisa! How exciting! G and I moved to TN last fall to raise our kiddos with more outside space, less chaos, a little simpler pace of life - better real estate prices! So I get it. And even though I grew up here ages ago, in many ways, Houston was more home. But it's been a great adventure for all of us - stretching is always a good thing!! You're only 2.5 - 3 hours south of me and I'd love to see you. Maybe next fall when I'm on my way to an Auburn football game? You've gotta pick a side now that you live in AL ;). Much love to you and your precious family!!! - Ellen

Susan said...

How exciting! Love your new home:) It looks just like a tree house Ace! Wishing you and your family a wonderful transition into your new home and community.

Susan from Boston

mex said...

Moving for the right reasons can be an enormously exciting time...scary, but oh so exciting! I love the photos! Archie is so grown up! Ace looks as if she jumped from being 5 to being 13.

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