Along Came Archie

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Along Came Archie

I have an extra chromosome
And I am quite sure
It's just part of who I am
And no, I do not need a cure

You don't have to be afraid of me
No need to look away
Just talk to me and you will find
That I have lots to say

When I speak you might not understand
But my laughter says it all
When I run I'm a bit clumsy
And often times I fall

I may not be as fast as you
I go at my own pace
And that's okay cause we should know
That life is not a race

And it's a misconception 
That I'm happy all the time
I get mad, and sad, and grumpy
And mom says I often whine

My eyes they're shaped like almonds
When I smile they disappear
But with them I still see you
Just like with my ears I hear

Sometimes people point and stare 
Sometimes they make fun
And I know that I am different 
But I'm not the only one

None of us are just the same
How boring would it be
If the world was filled with people
Just the same as you or me

Lots of Love!


Susan said...

Love, LOVE, lOvE!!

Susan from Boston

Unknown said...

Thank you Susan! From a mom with an extra chromosome daughter age 14. I'm on Instagram.

Unknown said...

Thank you Susan! From a mom with an extra chromosome daughter age 14. I'm on Instagram.

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