Meet the Eichers

ACE is our first. And our middle. She's a little mama. Full of sass (often an inappropriate amount). She's Archie's security blanket and protector. She loves fiercely and is wise beyond her years.

ARCHIE is our second. And the oldest. He joined our family through adoption in 2011 when he was seven years old. He's a bright light. He loves life. He's often incredibly obnoxious.

RADKO is our baby. Our giant baby. He's a giant man-like baby. He's is in love with his big brother and sister. And food. He goes with the flow. Mostly cause he has no other option. He is perfection.

JOEY is the daddy. The best daddy. What he lacks in proper grammar, he makes up for in hilarious, long, drawn out, sometimes not all that hilarious, stories. He's been mine since we were fifteen years old.

And that's me. LISA. The mom. I started this blog in 2011 to document our journey to Archie. And my grandmother insists that I keep it up. (Thanks, Gigi). I start lots of projects. I love to write. I'm a recovering co-dependent people pleaser attempting to live an authentic and simple life. Despite the fact that I put a lot of energy into finding creative ways to hide from my children, I'm crazy about those little monsters.